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Broadcast Update – LCS in EU

The LCS broadcast will only be available in select regions in Europe.

This week, we announced a partnership with a beer brand, Bud Light. Due to local regulations around advertising and alcoholic beverages in Europe, we’re currently unable to deliver the LCS broadcast into local languages in select regions including Germany, France, and Italy. We’re working with our broadcast partners to resolve any issues around local regulations and attempt to bring back our local language broadcasts as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the LCS will continue to be available in English. 

We also announced an extension of our co-stream pilot program earlier this week, however, due to the local regulations mentioned above, EU streamers are not eligible to be part of the co-stream pilot as a result. We ask that if you are not a member of the NA/OCE League Partner Program nor on an LCS/Academy team, that you do not co-stream the LCS Spring Split or select Academy games

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Red Bull Continues to Give Wings to the LCS in 2020