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The Perfect Brew: Bud Light serves up a draft of esports with LCS

Bud Light becomes the newest LCS partner and the official beer of the league.

Whether watching from home or in the stands at a live event, LCS fans know that North America’s best Summoner’s Rift action pairs well with friends, cheerfuls, and often refreshing, age-appropriate beverages. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce Bud Light as our newest LCS partner and the official beer of the league.

For those fans who are of legal age, Bud Light will be offered at all LCS events (including at LCS Arena and Split Finals) via mobile bars and beer gardens. That’s just the beginning, though, as Bud Light will be delivering “How I LCS” themed viewing parties, presenting one of the most celebratory moments in LoL, the “Ace Moment,” on LCS broadcasts, and supplying our new post-show after Monday Night League, which will be streamed across the LCS and Bud Light’s Twitch channels. 

And to take it to the next level, LCS and Bud Light will be collaborating on a bespoke “after hours” post-show, name forthcoming, airing exclusively on Bud Light’s Twitch channel, complete with all your favorite LCS talent, special guests, and easter eggs throughout the season. There’ll be no better way to wrap up an exciting week of LCS action.

We can’t wait to reveal more about the great events and content in store for this collaboration in 2020. Cheers and welcome to the LCS family, Bud Light!

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