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Huya Becomes Exclusive 2020 Chinese Broadcast Partner of the LCS and LEC

Huya is the exclusive broadcast distribution partner in China for the LCS and LEC.

The LCS and LEC are leaping into 2020 with a new official, exclusive broadcast partner in China: Huya! 

Huya is already the exclusive broadcast distribution partner in China for the LCK and the only platform showcasing all four major leagues in China. Huya also recently partnered with Team Liquid to broadcast its player livestreams from North America and Europe to viewers in China. Now, we’re delighted to expand the LCS and LEC’s relationship with one of the most popular streaming platforms in China (and the world).

As we saw in 2019 at the Mid-Season Invitational and Worlds, top teams in North America and Europe are fiercely competing to challenge the global dominance of Asia in League of Legends. Through our partnership with Huya, we hope fans in China will enjoy seeing friendly Western rivalries evolve and follow the exciting playstyles and draft compositions these teams will bring to the international stage.

You’ll find all of the LEC and LCS action on Huya when the Spring Split kicks off for Europe on Jan 24 and North America on Jan 25. 

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