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Co-Streaming Pilot Program: 2020 LCS Spring Split

We're extending our co-streaming pilot program for the 2020 LCS Spring Split.

After the positive response to last year’s co-streaming program during Rift Rivals 2019, we’ve decided to test co-streaming for a longer period of professional League of Legends. Because of this, we will continue the co-streaming pilot program for the 2020 LCS Spring Split.

The pilot program will again be limited to a select group of creators so we can continue to track the impact on the individual streamers and our broadcast. For the LCS Spring Split, co-streaming will only be available to members of the NA League Partner Program, Oceanic League Partner Program, and LCS/Academy teams. We appreciate the patience of streamers not included in these groups as we need to continue to test co-streaming in order to open it up to additional streamers in the future. We ask that if you are not a member of the NA/OCE League Partner Program nor on an LCS/Academy team, that you do not co-stream the LCS Spring Split. The co-streaming policy also varies per region so please keep in mind that this pilot program policy only applies to the LCS broadcasts, and all co-streamers will need to follow appropriate guidelines. 

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