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Co-Streaming Pilot Program Coming to Rift Rivals

Learn more about the Rift Rivals Co-Streaming Pilot

Last year, we testing co-streaming during the 2018 NA Regional Qualifiers. In an effort to continue to explore what co-streaming can look like, we’ll be running another pilot in North America — allowing select NA LPP members to co-stream Rift Rivals 2019: North America vs. Europe powered by Alienware.

This pilot program is limited to select NA LPP members and LCS teams to keep it at a manageable size for us to track. Since this is new territory, we want to make sure we fully understand the impact to both creators and our broadcast. By using this small pilot program, we can track that faster, easier, and with much more accuracy. We ask that if you are not a selected member of the League Partner Program that you do not co-stream the event.

We hope you enjoy watching Rift Rivals and getting the chance to watch Rift Rivals with some of your favorite League of Legends personalities. Here’s a sampling of some of the LPP members that will be co-streaming Rift Rivals throughout the event:

Rift Rivals 2019: North America vs. Europe powered by Alienware starts on Thursday, June 27. Find the full schedule at

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