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LCS Studios Opens PC Cafe Powered by Alienware

In partnership with our friends at Alienware, we’re opening a new PC bang-style cafe in the LCS Studios.

It’s the start of another LCS season and there’s no better way to kick it off than with a game (or a few) of League of Legends. In partnership with our friends at Alienware, we’re opening a new PC bang-style cafe, right here in the LCS Studios! 

The LCS Arcade powered by Alienware will feature high-performance gaming PCs and peripherals setup for viewers to play their favorite League games before the pros to take the stage. Whether it’s League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra or Teamfight Tactics, fans attending weekend matches can stop by the new arcade to squeeze in a few games or even have the chance to compete in live 1v1s against some of their favorite streamers. 

As a longtime leader in the gaming industry, Alienware is no stranger in demonstrating their commitment to supporting the League esports scene. Their hardware is tournament-proven as the official PC and display partner for the LCS, the LEC, and our four international competitions (MSI, All-Stars, and Worlds), as well as being the official hardware partner of four-time LCS champions, Team Liquid. As the powerhouse behind much of the competitive League of Legends ecosystem, we couldn’t imagine a better partner to launch our new LCS game studio. 

Check out the LCS Arcade yourself starting Week 2 at the old merch store inside the LCS Studios. And for fans looking to stock up on the latest merch, check out the team booths outside the arena each weekend before doors open, and find our full collection of LoL merch at

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