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College LoL Season Stream Schedule – Week 1

Find out where to watch College Season matches this week!

By Tiza

The 2020 NA College LoL Season is underway, with over 200 matches played every week between schools across the U.S. and Canada. Find out when and where your favorite schools are playing streamed matches by visiting this page each week!

To see the full schedule of College Season matches, visit the league homepage by following this link.

Want to stream some College Games? Learn more about the College Season Streamer Program in our announcement post.

School & Community Broadcasts

Date Time (PT) Conference       Stream
Thu, 1/23 4:45pm East Rochester Institute of Technology – RIT Esports vs Misericordia University Cougars Blood Vas
Thu, 1/23 6:30pm Mountain West University of New Mexico vs UWYO Esports UNMEsports
Fri, 1/24 5:30pm South NC State – Varsity vs Southern Virginia Esports Travysty
Sat, 1/25 7:00am North Cleveland State University vs Davenport University Davenport Esports
Sat, 1/25 11:00am North Missouri State University vs Manchester ESports VTG Closure
Sat, 1/25 11:45am ESC Central Michigan University vs Northern Illinois University NIU Esports,
Sat, 1/25 12:00pm East Bay State Bulldogs vs Dalhouise Collegiate Cupcakesthecat
Sat, 1/25 12:00pm ESC The University of Akron vs The University of Akron ZipsEsports
Sat, 1/25 12:45pm North CWRU 300 Spartans vs RedTails Esports RedTails Esports
Sat, 1/25 1:00pm North Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis vs Bemidji State University Esports IUPUI – Jriggs
Sat, 1/25 1:00pm South Florida State Esports Garnet vs McM War Hawks Florida State Esports
Sat, 1/25 1:00pm South Gamecock Esports vs AC Esports Gamecock Esports
Sat, 1/25 1:00pm South University of North Florida vs Tidewater Community College dark_chewy
Sat, 1/25 1:00pm North Purdue Fort Wayne Esports vs CSP Bears CSPEsports
Sat, 1/25 1:00pm North Wright State University Esports vs Murray State University Esports Racer Esports,
MSU Esports
Sat, 1/25 1:00pm South Maryville University vs Purdue University Global MaryvilleGG
Sat, 1/25 1:00pm South UNT Esports vs TAMUK HOGGERS UNT Esports
Sat, 1/25 3:00pm West UCSC eSports vs Team Solo Miners New Mexico Tech Esports
Sat, 1/25 3:00pm West University of Southern California vs Snow College Esports Triplegman
Sat, 1/25 3:00pm Mountain West CSU Rams vs Broncos boisestateuniversity
Sat, 1/25 3:00pm West UCI Esports vs SWOCC Lakers UCIEsports
Sat, 1/25 3:00pm West UCLA vs Nighthawks Esports Hydrozenith
Sun, 1/26 12:00pm North Aquinas College vs Lourdes University Aquinas Esports
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