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Announcing the College Season Streamer Program!

Aspiring streamers and shoutcasters can apply to broadcast official College Season matches

By Tiza


  • Amateur streamers and shoutcasters can join the College Season Discord and coordinate with teams to broadcast official College Season matches
  • Submit your stream schedule to have your streams listed on

The College Season is bigger than ever, with over 350 schools competing for pride and glory across four regional conferences and six partner conferences. For those doing the math at home, that’s… a lot of games every week. To help spread the awesome, we’re calling all aspiring streamers, broadcasters, and shoutcasters to join the official College Season Discord and become College Season Streamers! Once you join, you’re free to coordinate broadcasts of any number of College Season matches during the regular season and playoffs however you see fit.

Get Involved

Interested? Here’s what you need to do next.

  1. Join the official College Season Discord
  2. Click the streamer icon in the #region-selection channel to join the “Streamers” user group
  3. Post your availability in the #streaming channel
  4. Submit your broadcast schedule to the College Season Stream Submission form
  5. Go live on game day!

We’ll post a weekly stream schedule every week on every Friday afternoon during the season.

Rules & Guidelines

How you stream and what services you provide is up to you, but there are a few rules everybody needs to follow.

  1. Keep it classy. Don’t say things that might get you chat restricted. That includes personal attacks, slurs, any kind of remarks about race, gender, sexuality, etc.  If you have to ask, you shouldn’t go there.
  2. Don’t mess with the matches. Fair matches without a stream are better than unfair matches on stream. Work around the teams and be flexible for them if they ask.
  3. Turn on stream delay. Add at least 2 minutes of stream delay in addition to the three minutes of built-in spectator delay.
  4. No paywalls. You can run (tasteful amounts) of ads, but your stream should be free for anyone to access.
  5. You’re a member of the community. Don’t represent yourself as a Rioter, or say that Riot is sponsoring your stream.
  6. Listen to College Season Admins. They’ll be identified as admins or Rioters in Discord.

Now go polish off your scene selection, test that microphone, and get ready to stream some college matches!

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