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2019 World Championship Hits Record Viewership

The 2019 World Championship consisted of 120 games across Berlin, Madrid, and Paris, and fans watched more than 1 billion hours of content during the competition.

The 2019 World Championship Final between G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix was the most anticipated match in League of Legends history. Both teams entered the series as the reigning champions of their respective regions with the tremendous expectations from their fans. With victories at the LEC Spring and Summer Finals, as well a win at the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational, G2 Esports was the crowd favorite at the sold-out Accor Hotels Arena in Paris. However, the LPL Summer Split Champions, FunPlus Phoenix, stunned the crowd with a dominant 3-0 victory, clinching the Summoner’s Cup and earning the title of League of Legends World Champion. 

The finals were broadcast in 16 languages and across more than 20 platforms, and in the weeks since the match, we’ve been carefully analyzing viewership from around the world. After collecting, validating, and standardizing the data, we are excited to share that the World Championship Finals reached a record breaking 21.8 million Average Minute Audience (AMA).

The 2019 World Championship consisted of 120 games across Berlin, Madrid, and Paris, and fans across the world watched more than 1 billion hours of content during the 5 weeks of competition. Additionally, the event featured the most diverse meta of any previous World Championship with with 99 champions picked or banned. 

The World Championship experience extended from the stage and beyond with numerous activations, events, and performances taking place both in Paris and around the World. Fans, partners, and artists contributed to turn the event into a massive cultural experience. 


Worlds collected massive attention on social media with an image of True Damage's trip to the event receiving more than 500K likes on Instagram and #Worlds2019 trending at #1 on Twitter and reaching the top of Reddit and Weibo.

While the World Championship is the peak of competitive League of Legends, leading up to the event dozens of regional, challenger, national, and scholastic programs offered organized competitions to players aspiring to reach the biggest stage in esports. These programs are key to developing the next generation of talent who will one day hoist the Summoner’s Cup. In 2019, 36 different cities hosted more than 60 unique events, offering fans and players the opportunity to experience League of Legends esports.

Worlds is a celebration of the best players and of our fans, and it wouldn’t be possible without you. A huge thank you to our pros and coaches for putting in the practice hours and giving us epic performances… to our fans who traveled to Berlin, Madrid, or Paris to root for their favorite teams… to our viewers that cheered from afar… and to everyone that plays a role in League of Legends Esports. We can’t wait to celebrate with you in China next year for our 10th World Championship!

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