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Skins and Music

How’d we pick the True Damage champs? Are they getting Prestige skins? What’s next for Riot music?

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Are the new True Damage skins all getting Prestige skins like K/DA got? If so when?


We’ve teased it before in a few places, but we can confirm that True Damage Senna is also getting a Louis Vuitton-inspired Prestige skin early next year, which will be available in the 2020 Prestige Point shop. We’ll have more details about whether there will be additional True Damage Prestige skins early next year.

By the way, we’re making some changes to the way Event Prestige skins and Prestige Points interact for 2020. You can check out all the details here!

Product Manager

How’d you pick the champions for True Damage?


In general, picking champions for a big skin line requires us to synthesize a lot of different factors: Which champions best fit the theme? Which champs make sense together? What champions currently need skins? And for the music skin lines, their individual personalities really has to make sense with the type of music and role we give them in their group.

We knew that we wanted to do something that felt a little more edgy than K/DA and that was also hip-hop inspired. Additionally, we wanted to create a diverse and eclectic line-up who could believably join forces to create a genre-blending song. Based on that premise, Ekko as a time-manipulating rhyme genius seemed like a really cool idea to explore as the group’s centerpiece. We also knew we wanted to connect this group to K/DA through Akali, who’s the brain behind this collaboration, to expand on our music fantasy world. Qiyana just has the perfect I’m-the-queen attitude that we were looking for, and Yasuo is the silent producer “cutting-up” the beats. Add in the timing of Senna’s release, who’s one of our most requested champions, and you have a perfectly lined up roster that fulfilled our original goals. We hope you liked our choices!

Lead Producer of Skins , Personalization

When will we have a true boy band of League champions? We got metal with Pentakill, pop with Popstar, K-Pop with K/DA, but where is the boy band?


Well first the Champions Team needs to make enough pretty boys to make up an entire boy band, then it will be up to the Personalization Team to deliver, if they should choose to.

Hold my beer.

Lead Producer of Champions

Will K/DA and True Damage ever get a more complete album similar to Pentakill? Or will Pentakill (Karthus, Sona, etc.) ever make a comeback with a nice song?


Personally, I would love to see some of our past bands and artists release new songs. With the latest group from our Music Universe, TRUE DAMAGE, hitting the stage at Worlds, we are now back in the studio planning what comes next. Everything is on the table as we look into what the next progression in music will be. We hope players have enjoyed what we have done so far.

Head of Riot Music Group

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