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LLA Grows with a Live Audience in Mexico for 2020

TL;DR: We’ve closed an unprecedented multi-year deal with Azteca Deportes and Arena Cinemex that fortifies the long-term growth of the Liga Latinoamérica, allowing us to host a live audience studio in Mexico City, increase our production values, and reach more fans by accessing their media network.

The 2019 season has been one full of change and evolution for the LLA, but above all, it’s been a year where the growth in week-to-week fan support was noticed on broadcasts and through content. The audience surge that we’ve had, paired with the content consumption and commercial agreements, have opened new doors, allowing us to close a deal with Azteca Deportes and Arena Cinemex that we believe will be transcendental for our league in the upcoming years.

This important alliance will help us continue our efforts towards enhancing a sustainable regional esports ecosystem. We are proud of this milestone and recognize it’s the work of all involved with League of Legends.

Our players remain our top priority with this partnership, and we will be supporting them during our move to Mexico City in 2020.

As we mentioned when we started our operations in Chile, our physical location doesn’t modify our commitment to visit more of the region, and as far as finals, our intention is to keep moving them throughout Latin America.

We again want to thank all of those who have supported us through the years. We’ve made several recent changes, and we believe we are working in the right direction to move esports in Latin America forward. We continue to build a sport that will last for generations.

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