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2019 LCS Summer Split Awards

Find out who won awards this split.

Each split, we honor our pros for their achievements in mastery, leadership, and strategy during the LCS regular season. This year, new and old stars rose making the 2019 LCS Summer Split the most exciting yet. It’s time to present the LCS Awards!

Discover who won and the methodology behind the awards below.

Congratulations to Cloud9 Jungler Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen, the 2019 LCS Summer Split Honda Most Valuable Player!

  • 1st – C9 Svenskeren (98 Points)
  • 2nd – TL CoreJJ (94 Points)
  • 3rd – TL Doublellift (50 Points)
  • 4th – CLG Wiggily (25 Points)
  • 5th – TL Impact (23 Points)
  • 6th – OPT Crown (21 Points)
  • 7th – TL Xmithie (18 Points)
  • 8th – CLG Biofrost (17 Points)
  • 9th – C9 Nisqy (16 Points)
  • 10th – GGS Froggen (15 Points)


Rookie of the Split
  • 1st – 100 FakeGod (116 Points)
  • 2nd – C9 Kumo (91 Points)
  • 3rd – TSM Spica (23 Points)

LCS Coach of the Split

Coach of the Split
  • 1st – TL Cain (94 Points)
  • 2nd – C9 Reapered (78 Points)
  • 3rd – CLG Weldon (57 Points)

2019 Summer Split Rookie and Coach Ballots

LCS All-Pro Team 

1st LCS All-Pro Team

  • Top – TL Impact (127 Points)
  • Jungle – C9 Svenskeren (125  Points)
  • Mid – TL Jensen (95 Points)
  • Bot – TL Doublelift (137 Points)
  • Support – TL CoreJJ (136 Points)

2nd LCS All-Pro Team

  • Top – C9 Licorice (67 Points)
  • Jungle – TL Xmithie (85 Points)
  • Mid – C9 Nisqy (89 Points)
  • Bot – CLG Stixxay (43 Points)
  • Support – CLG Biofrost (73 Points)

3rd LCS All-Pro Team

  • Top – CLG Ruin (36 Points)
  • Jungle – CLG Wiggily (47 Points)
  • Mid – TSM Bjergsen (38 Points)
  • Bot – CG Cody Sun (32 Points)
  • Support – C9 Zeyzal (56 Points)

2019 Summer Split LCS All-Pro Ballots

Honda Most Valuable Player

  • Revealed on August 22nd

What are the LCS Awards?

Every Split we celebrate the best that the LCS has to offer with awards. We honor the players and coaches who demonstrated exemplary performance throughout the Split. The LCS is all about seeing League of Legends played at its highest level, so this is our way of recognizing superior teamwork, mechanics, and overall game mastery.

When did voting take place?

The voting took place on August 5-7th after the conclusion of Week 9 of the LCS Summer Split.

Who gets to vote?

The awards are voted on by the LCS broadcast team, third-party media, and the pro teams themselves. The panel votes for each award will be released within 24 hours of the award being announced.

What categories are there? When can I find out who won?

  • Coach of the Split – August 16th
  • Rookie of the Split – August 16th
  • Honda Most Valuable Player – August 22nd

We’ll gradually be rolling out the finalists for the Honda MVP award as the LCS Summer Split Playoffs continue in a separate post here.

Can I show off my off my LCS knowledge?

If we handed you a ballot, who’d be your choices for the best players of the Summer Split? We want to hear from you! Tweet us @Lolesports to share who your picks would have been. 

Keep it locked to Lolesports to find out who’s taking home the hardware this Split.

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