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2019 LCS Summer Finals presented by Rocket Mortgage Fan Guide

Your guide to the Fan Event and the 2019 LCS Summer Finals presented by Rocket Mortgage.

The Fan Event at the 2019 LCS Summer Finals Presented by Rocket Mortgage begins at 11AM EDT on Saturday, August 24 at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI – right before the 3rd Place Match. 

So, what’s happening at the fan event at 11AM on Saturday?

So Much Merch!

Riot Games and LCS merchandise will be available at several merch shops throughout the venue. For a complete selection of items available on site, visit the Main Merch Store, located near the Meijer Entrance.

Team Zone 

We’re excited to be working with 100 Thieves, Cloud9, Clutch Gaming, Counter Logic Gaming, Golden Guardians, Team Liquid and TSM to bring fans unique opportunities to connect with the teams they love. Stop by for team-specific merch, cool giveaways, and opportunities to interact with non-competing pros.

Live Entertainment

Catch shows like The Dive and This or That live along with the State Farm Cosplay Competition. You’ll also have opportunities to 1v1 against special guests like Tyler1, Foggedftw2, MaryMaybe, and ForestWithin.

Food & Beverage

In addition to the many food options offered by Little Caesars Arena, we’ve partnered with the Budweiser Biergarten to create specialty cocktails like the Pool Party Paloma and Pop Blossom. Detroit Water Ice Factory will also be on site with a special Baron-themed treat.

Arcade Zone

Stop by to challenge 7 of your closest friends (or friends you meet there!) to a game of Teamfight Tactics, or if your TFT skills are lacking, defeat them in other more traditional arcade games like skee ball, air hockey and crane games.

Photo Opportunities

There will be tons of photo opportunities throughout the space with cosplayers, cool backdrops and LCS on-air team like Kobe and CaptainFlowers.

And More!

We’ll also have cool experiences brought to you by presenting sponsor Rocket Mortgage, as well as brands like State Farm, Honda, and more.

All that sounds great – but how do I meet the pros?

There will be very limited giveaways on-site at the Fan Event for access to Meet the Pros. But if you don’t get access, don’t fret! There will still be some opportunities to meet and interact with LCS on-air team and non-competing pros at the Fan Event.



Where do I enter?

You can enter at the Meijer Entrance, located at the corner of Henry Street and Cass Ave.

What if it rains?

The show must go on! If it looks like the weather will clear up by Sunday, we will move Saturday’s activations to Sunday. If it doesn’t look like the rain will relent, we’ll continue our activities as planned.

Can I come on Sunday?

Sure! But there won’t be nearly as much to do. We’re working to jam pack the Saturday event with as much fun stuff as possible, but there will still be a few things to do Sunday before the show.

  • Saturday – General Admission begins at 11AM, along with the Fan Event
  • Sunday – General Admission begins at 2PM with more limited activations including merch and sponsored activities.

I don’t really like fun – when do the games start? 

If you want to show up just for competition, we recommend arriving by 3:30PM EDT each day. Unlike in previous years, we will not be holding for the LEC broadcast, so the event will begin at 4:00PM EDT on the dot.

Where do I park?

There’s so much parking. It’s a parking wonderland. Check out this page for a map of the area.

Detroit also has public transportation options. Check out the QLINE if you’re coming from downtown or midtown. 

Any other rules? 

Yup! TL;DR – don’t bring bags bigger than 14”x14”x6”, liquid containers or noisemakers (the Pizza Emperor hates loud noises). For more information on the venue’s bag policy and prohibited items, please take a look at the Little Caesars Arena Guide

What if I want to cosplay? 

Cool! Make sure to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All final decisions on costumes entering the facility shall be at the sole discretion of the Detroit Police Department, Riot, event security, and/or Little Caesars Arena staff.
  • Your costume must not be wider than 4 feet across, longer than 6 feet, or taller than 8 feet. Additionally, you must be able to easily maneuver your costume over stairs or ramps unassisted. You must be able to fit through the walkthrough metal detectors, which are 2’4” wide and 6’9” tall.  You must comply if asked to remove any mask, or other items if deemed necessary, by security.
  • You must also be able to sit in your seat while wearing your costume without obstructing the view of those around you. 
  • You must have unobstructed vision at all times (i.e., must not need to remove a piece of your costume in order to see).
  • Armor cannot pose a threat to others by way of sharpened metal edges, spikes, or bladed surfaces. Metal costumes are not allowed as they will set off the walk through metal detectors.
  • All swords or bladed weapons must be blunt-edged and cannot have a sharpened edge (no metallic or predominantly wooden weapons). No weapon may be sharp or pointed enough to cut or pierce someone with moderate pressure, or heavy enough to create a threatening club. Note: Worbla and 3D prints will be permitted, pending that it follows the above weapon restrictions.
  • You may not bring firearms of any kind including air guns or cap guns, as well as any replica weapon (i.e., facsimiles or realistic versions of real-world weapons). Any firearms must clearly be of prop nature and should be made of primarily foam and/or light plastics. (prop firearms may not be made of wood or hard, metal materials) Cosplay players may be asked to prove that the prop is not dischargeable.
  • Any bow-type weapons must be unstrung or strung with a low-tensile thread. All prop arrows must have non-metal, blunted tips.
  • You may not bring in any liquids, gels, air horns or other substances which could cause a mess or make loud noises. (This will be at the discretion of the Detroit Police Department, Riot, Event Security, and/or Little Caesars staff).
  • You may not use smoke effects, fire, explosives, or any other environmental hazard in any capacity.
  • You may display your prop weapons only as costume pieces. Do not swing or brandish your prop in any way that could be considered unsafe or threatening. Failure to comply may result in immediate confiscation of the item with no return.
  • You may pose with a prop in a brandishing manner, so long as no reasonable person would interpret for anything other than dramatic effect. Local police, event staff, or management may stop you at their sole discretion.
  • Bags, backpacks, luggage and like articles are prohibited from the Arena. There will be no bag check or storage available on site.
  • As a final note, everyone attending the 2019 LCS Summer Finals Presented by Rocket Mortgage will need to have a ticket in order to enter the event.

If you have any additional cosplay questions, reach out to RiotSwimbananas on Twitter or Instagram.

Anything else I need to know?

A valid Finals ticket is required to attend any of the pre-show activities for that day including the Fan Event on Saturday, August 24. For example, you can’t use your Sunday ticket to get into the Fan Event, you’d need a Saturday ticket. 

Still have questions?

Send us a message at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

See you in Detroit!


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