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Create a wholesome meme that showcases your love for a current LCS team or pro player.

The 2019 LCS Summer Playoffs begin this weekend and to celebrate, we’re hosting a wholesome meme competition focused on your favorite LCS teams and pro players! 

Create a wholesome meme that showcases your love for a current LCS team or pro player.


Submissions: You must submit your entry through Woobox
English Please: All entries with text must be in English
Region: This contest is only available to legal residents of the United States of America or Canada (Excluding Quebec)
Sign Your Work: All entries must include your Summoner Name, Twitter Handle (if you have one), and favorite LCS team in the upper right corner!
Size and Format Matters: Make sure that your wholesome meme is either a JPEG or PNG and is under 10 MB.
Verified Account: Each person who submits an entry must have a valid League of Legends Summoner Name and verified email address. Click here to verify your email.
Eyes on the Prize: Potential winners will be contacted via the email associated with the submitter’s League of Legends account, so please make sure its correct before submitting your entry and watch it closely after the contest deadline.

Head over to Woobox to submit your wholesome meme:

A collection of our own meme experts will judge the final winners of the wholesome meme contest.

The contest starts 8/9/2019 at 12:00PM PDT.

The deadline for submission for all entries is 8/23/2019 at 11:59PM PDT. 

Winners will be announced and posted on or before 9/2/2019.

Riot Games is the sole judge of the contest. All judgments are final.

Before submitting an entry read the official contest rules, here. 

Please note: Current partners, contractors, and employees of Riot Games are not eligible to participate in this context.


Prizes will be awarded to 3 Grand Prize Winners, and 10 Honorable Mentions

3 Grand Prize Winners
-An LCS team jersey signed by the player of your choice
-3500 RP

5 Honorable Mentions

-2800 RP


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact @LCSOfficial on Twitter.

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