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2019 NA Academy Summer Update

The Summer Split of the 2019 NA Academy League will kickoff on May 30.


  • NA Academy starts on May 30
  • Teams will broadcast Thursday, Riot broadcasts Friday
  • All Academy broadcast days will start at 3:00 PM PT
  • Super Weeks are back for Weeks 4 & 7
  • Academy will have one match per week played on stage after LCS on Sunday!


The Summer Split of the 2019 NA Academy League will kickoff on May 30. Teams will continue to broadcast Thursday matches, and Wednesday when needed (i.e. Super Weeks), while Riot will be taking back Friday broadcast duties. While we and the community enjoy many of the innovations the team broadcasts have come up with (i.e. Paul the Cloud, Tanner Time, and guest casters like Dyrus, Nadeshot, Liquid Steve, etc), stream discoverability issues have limited the exposure of their creativity, talent, and players.

Additionally, we received feedback from many of the Academy players that matches starting later on Thursday made scheduling the following day difficult when games ran late. So, we’re adjusting back to our previous schedule with all Academy match days starting at 3:00 PM PT.

Academy Showcase

We’re excited to announce that one Academy game will be played on stage every Sunday for the duration of the Academy regular season. teams and players have been telling us how important stage time is to the development of players since Academy started, and we’re happy to be able to provide more than just playoffs.

The game will be played after the matches and LCS Cooldown end, but all fans with tickets to the LCS matches will be welcome to stay and cheer the Academy teams on. This match is being taken from the Thursday list of matches, which means Thursday broadcasts will only be four games long.


With the College Championship happening May 23 – 26, we’ll be unable to start Academy a week early as we did in Spring.  To ensure that Academy players are available to play in LCS Summer Finals, we’ll take a page from 2018 and run an extra day of Academy twice during the season. Those matches will be broadcast by the teams on Wednesday, June 19 and Wednesday, July 17.

The full schedule will be released on May 24.

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