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2019 League of Legends College Championship

After months of competition, the best college League of Legends players in North America will come face-to-face in Los Angeles!

2019 League of Legends College Championship

The 2019 League of Legends College Championship kicks off next week when the best college League players from across North America face off May 23 – 26 at the LCS Battle Arena in Los Angeles. Here’s where you’ll learn more about the event, the teams competing, and how you can watch.

What is the League of Legends College Championship?

The League of Legends College Championship is the largest college esports championship in North America, with over 350 teams competing since January. Eight finalists will meet in Los Angeles and compete throughout the weekend to see who will be crowned the best college team in NA.

Which college teams are competing?

#1 Maryville University – North Regional Conference Champions
 – 2017 League of Legends College Champions
#2 UC Irvine – West Regional Conference Champions
 – 2018 League of Legends College Champions
#3 Western University – East Regional Conference Champions
#4 Illinois – Big Ten Network Champions
#5 Waterloo – East Regional Conference Runner-up
#6 Michigan State – Big Ten Network Conference Runner-up
#7 Columbia College – North Regional Conference Runner-up
#8 North Carolina State – South Regional Conference Runner-up

How can I watch?

All matches will be broadcast live on and you can grab tickets for the Championship in Los Angeles HERE.

What’s the schedule?

5/23 – Quarterfinals Day 1
3:00 PM PT –  #4 Illinois vs. #5 University of Waterloo  
6:00 PM PT – #1 Maryville University vs. #8 North Carolina State 

5/24 – Quarterfinals Day 2
3:00 PM PT –  #6 Michigan State vs. #3 Western University 
6:00 PM PT – #2 UC Irvine vs. #7 Columbia College 

5/25 – Semifinals 
12:00 PM PT –  TBD vs TBD 
5:00 PM PT – TBD vs TBD  

5/26 – Final
1:15 PM PT –  TBD vs TBD 

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