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2019 LCS Summer Split Fan Guide

How to support your favorite team and watch the 2019 LCS Summer Split.

We’re gearing up for another exciting summer of esports with the return of the LCS. Below is your guide for the upcoming the 2019 LCS Summer Split and how you can show your support to the LCS and your favorite LCS team.

When is the LCS back?

LCS returns on Saturday, June 1.  The format and start times are the same as Spring Split.

LCS Countdown, our pre-show will get ready for the games, starting at 1:30 PM PT and games begin at 2:00 PM PT. On Sunday, LCS Countdown begins at 11:30 AM PT and games begin noon PT.

Starting Summer Split, NA Academy will play one game on stage at the LCS Studio on Sundays after the games and LCS Cooldown end.

LCS broadcast is currently available on, Twitch, and YouTube.

Below are some the 2019 Summer Split resources that you can bookmark:

How can I support the LCS and my favorite LCS team?


Starting with the 2019 LCS Summer Split, Pro View, League’s newest esports streaming product, will be available to purchase through and proceeds will directly support teams in the LCS. In addition to Point of View streams for every player in every game, Pro View will include:

  • Multiview: Watch up to four synchronized streams (POV or main event) at once during live games and VODs
  • Advanced Timeline: Kills, tower takedowns and other big plays are marked right on the timeline, and clicking a marker jumps to that moment in the game
  • Watch With Friends: Share a personalized Pro View URL to synchronize your timeline with friends.
  • All Pro View features will available on VODs as well as during live games

The LCS Summer Split will cost $14.99 and will grant access until Worlds 2019.


Starting on May 31, players in Europe and North America will be able to purchase one LCS Team pass where 50% of revenues will go back into the LCS. Team Pass holders can select one LCS team to support for the duration of the split, watching their favorite team’s matches on will complete missions that will unlock team-specific items for use when playing League of Legends.

LCS Team Pass will be available in the store for 980 RP and you’ll be able to earn team icons, a team emote, a team ward skin, and an LCS chroma for Dragonslayer Braum as well as Blue Essence, key fragments, and 2 Masterwork chests. 


LCS merchandise, official team jerseys, and select team gear are available on (international shipping available) and (US only).

You can also buy team apparel and merch directly from their store:


Support your favorite LCS teams by equipping a custom Summer Split wallpaper for desktop and mobile.

You won’t want to miss any of the action when the 2019 LCS Summer Split kicks off at 2 PM PT on Saturday, June 1 with Cloud9 vs. FlyQuest followed by a Spring Finals rematch of Team Liquid vs. TSM.

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