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Choose the Next Tristana Skin

Tristana’s getting a new skin, and you can help decide what it’ll be!

It’s been over a year since you helped us choose Illaoi’s next skin, and we’d like your help again. This time, it’s for Bandle City’s spunkiest gunner: Tristana.

We explored a wide range of possibilities for Trist’s next skin, and we’re down to the three concepts we’re most excited about. Now, the decision is in your hands. Vote on which skin you’d like to see us create. If the results are super close, we’ll look at the preference of Tristana mains to help us make the final call, so make sure your voice is heard.

After the winner is announced, we’ll update you regularly on the skin’s development via Nexus. Every two weeks we’ll post pictures, videos, and words about our progress—and get your reactions and input along the way.

You have until 11:59 p.m. PT on March 6 to vote. Everyone who weighs in will receive an icon when the skin goes live.

Here are the concepts! (These names aren’t final… none of this is final.)

“Sugar Rush Tristana”

Armed to the sweet teeth with a mighty gumball gun, Sugar Rush Tristana protects the Candy Kingdom from unsavory forces.

“Galactic Gunner Tristana”

Two extremely dangerous Exosuits have gone missing, and the bounty on them is only getting higher. Galactic Gunner Tristana has a solution for that: shoot first, ask questions never, and cash in.

“Little Demon Tristana”

Sometimes being mighty requires a little bite. Little Demon Tristana is a master of mischief, ready to jump into any heated situation… or cause one of her own.

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