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Choose the Next Illaoi Skin

Voting Now Closed

Thanks to everyone who voted! Voting is now closed, but we’ll be announcing the winner on November 20, 2017!

Hi! I’m Riot DrPh8, a concept artist that helps to design skins, and I’m here to talk about ILLAOI. She’s gone two years without some skin love (please don’t quote that out of context), but the time has finally come.

We’ve been looking at skin options for her for a while now, and along the way realized there was a wide range of fun directions we could take. We narrowed the list down to the ones we’re most excited about, but this time around we want to leave the final call in your hands. Vote on which skin you want to see us create, and after the winner is announced, we’ll be updating you regularly on its development.

Every two weeks we’ll post our progress to Nexus—and get your reactions and input.

You have until 23:59 PST on November 13th to vote!

Here are the concepts! These names aren’t final. None of this is final.

Battlecast Illaoi

  • Part machine, part human, Battlecast Illaoi fights for the survival of all organics against Creator Viktor’s “Evolution.”

Adventurer Illaoi

  • She’s beaten ancient curses, discovered hidden temples, explored the depths of the ocean, and survived it all unscathed.

Deep Space Illaoi

  • Infected during a mission in space, Deep Space Illaoi and her “friend” now roam the universe looking to add to their family.
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