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Clash Update and Keys

Rotating Game Modes, key drops, and Clash.

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This week, it’s key fragments, Clash, and Rotating Game Modes.


Do you have any updates on Clash?


So far, we’ve run a few regional tests (in Vietnam, EUW, EUNE and Turkey) and we’re now spending time iterating on Clash based on your feedback. While we knew the beta tests so far haven’t been feature complete, we’re busy making adjustments, such as improving the team creation flow, adding more information about what you can expect from each day’s play, and making significant changes to the ticket system to lower the price for entry. We’re also tracking down a bug that prevents players from getting into champ select right now on PBE.

The downside is that this has added extra time to the dev process, but we’re eager to start up more regional tests in the coming weeks.

Comms Strategist, Metagame Systems

Do key drops for players increase as your honor level increases?


Key fragments work just the same at each level: They drop every now and then, and have a cap of around 12 per month. Honor Orbs and Capsules, however, do improve as you move up the Honor ranks. All the details on Honor rewards are consistently updated over on the Honor website.

Comms, Player Behavior

I’ve noticed recently there’s no rotating game modes on the weekend. What happened to them?


We’ve decided to move away from running a rotating game mode every weekend and instead will be running RGMs more sporadically, often alongside League events like Lunar Revel (Hunt of the Blood Moon), or last year’s Star Guardian: A New Horizon (Invasion). That said, we’ll still be running the most popular modes, like ARURF and the soon-to-be-returning One For All, from time to time too!

Why’d we make this change? Since League changes so rapidly, we often have to spend a bunch of time and effort updating classic modes so they work with the new and recently changed champions, items, and runes, while also adapting to other under the hood tech changes. For instance, we’ve been making our way through One For All’s bugs for over a month now.

And while playing the classic rotating game modes can be a ton of fun, some of these modes have grown stale and repetitive since they’ve been staple parts of the queue since its launch back in 2016. This combined with the awesome player response we saw for many of the 2017 modes, has led us to want to spend more of our time and effort crafting new game mode experiences that will surprise you, let you experiment, and deliver on memorable gameplay that makes you want to queue up for one. more. game.

Product Lead, Maps and Modes Team

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