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Leveling Up in Honor

Honor levels, ANNIE: Origins, and the truth about whether Xayah lays eggs.

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Let’s talk about Honor, Annie, and Xayah.


Why isn’t my honor level going up yet? I’ve played many games and have been honored many times.


Everyone’s a little different, so bear with me. A lot of folks around the world have already dinged Honor level 3, or at least one of the checkpoints on the way there. If you haven’t reached those milestones yet, you’re probably not too far off.

Now, if you’re in the Honor doghouse because of a penalty, it can take a little longer to move on up. We’ve actually been looking at this experience closely, and decided it was a bit too harsh. So over the next few weeks, Honor should be a bit more forgiving on the reclimb. To be clear, penalties work just the same, but the Honor reclimb will get a bit less steep.

We’ll for sure let you know when this change to reclimbs ships over in the patch notes.

Comms, Player Behavior

Will Annie be getting any visual, voice over, or gameplay changes to go with the cinematic?


The short answer is no, not any time soon. We talked a little about this and our reasoning in a recent Nexus post on narrative. There are some updates to a champion’s lore that we won’t leverage changes to the champion’s existing visuals, voice over, or gameplay for. It’s not because we don’t want to, but because we have to weigh incremental changes against champions that are in heavy need of all three. For Annie, we choose to release a long bio that we hope gave more connection to the world and also how the events of the cinematic might shape some of the personality she expresses in game.

Head of Narrative

Does Xayah lay eggs?



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