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Shields and Guardians

Countering shields, Star Guardians vs. Dark Star, and who repairs the maps’ turrets post-game.

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Let’s talk about countering shields, repairing the maps’ turrets after games, and if Star Guardians and Dark Star exist in the same universe.


Are the Star Guardians related to Dark Star? Are they in the same world?


We talked about this a bit in a recent interview, but in case you haven’t seen it: Star Guardian and Dark Star skins were conceived as part of their own individual universes—there isn’t currently an overlap.

That said we’ve talked internally about doing crossovers with thematics in the past, so if there is an exciting idea to make something like this work, we might consider. It’s not something we’d want to force just for the sake of doing it, but are open to if the idea is really great and opens up new alt-universe storytelling opportunities.

Head of Narrative

Have you thought about adding a counter to shields and heals?


We have thought about it.

The situation we want to avoid is to have an endless arms race, where damage becomes so potent that we add shields, then shields are so potent that we add a shield breaking mechanic, and then a counter to that mechanic and so on. If shields overall are too strong, we’d rather ease up the shields or increase the damage that shields are intended to counter.

That said, we do have mechanics like grievous wounds in the game, and we have mentioned recently that we might explore say an item with an active shield break mechanic.

Head of Creative Development, League of Legends

Who repairs the turrets on the map when the game ends?


Many speculate as to what happens after bloody warfare ends and the fields of justice are emptied. Some believe the stalwart minions do not pause to rest, even after a hard fought battle. Each day, they harvest stone blocks from the foothills of Mount Targon, where it is said that the rock itself is infused with magic, and painstakingly carve them into the stone guardians of Summoner’s Rift in time for the next fighters to enter the fray.

Others are certain that the statues themselves were once men who waged endless war against one another. Now cursed, each day they must stand with staunch honor, protecting the realms of their enemies in battle.

A select few know a forbidden truth, and whisper that when the map is devoid of all remaining fighters, and silence befalls the land, the pixels get lonely and can’t help but multiply.

Associate Writer, Worldbuilding

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