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Increasing the Clubs cap

What’s up with Clubs, what’s new with the new client, and how we chose Pentakill’s newest member.

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This week it’s Pentakill Kayle (again!), Clubs, and the League Client Update.


How does Riot feel about the new client now that it’s been out for a few months?


What matters more to us is how *you* feel about the new client : ) We’ve been tracking satisfaction with the new client ever since alpha. Since we replaced the AIR client, satisfaction with the new client has been slowly trending upward as we address performance issues and add quality-of-life features like item sets and the updated champ select. However, we know we’re not all the way there yet, especially when it comes to general reliability and performance.

We’re continuing to work on these issues patch over patch and will do so until they are no longer issues. The new client has also made it easier for us to add new functionality — which is something AIR hindered for a long time. So requested features like the skins collection are in progress, and we hope to deliver a bunch of other cool ideas going forward : )

Lead Producer

Why did Riot choose Kayle as the newest member of Pentakill?


The new album includes tracks with a female singer, so when the guys working on the Pentakill album approached us to do a new skin to go out with the album release we did some exploratory concepts with a handful of female champions that could fit the thematic.

The Kayle concept that came out of that was our favorite and also the Pentakill team’s favorite. Her wings being more metallic, and the idea for the hilt of the sword being a microphone so that she could stab the sword into the ground and scream into it made her metal AF and put her above the other champions we were looking at as possibilities.

Plus, she really needed a skin with a bad-ass haircut.

Lead Producer of Skins , Personalization

Is there any update on the Club system? When will the cap be raised? Are there any plans to expand on this feature?


The last time we talked about Clubs was like a year ago, so thanks for keeping me honest. We’re still committed to raising the club cap to 100, and though it’s definitely taken too long, we’re doing it before the end of the year.

Product Manager, Metagame Systems

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