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Hextech limits and the screaming void

Explaining the cap on Hextech chests, sorting out Kayle’s alter-ego, and understanding champion recalls.

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This week we’re talking chest limits, PentaKayle, and the screaming torture of the unending void.


Why does Riot limit the number of Hextech chests you can buy over a 24-hour period?


If you look back at the League of Legends business model post, one of the tenants is “we want to add content that excites you when you first hear about it, feels good when you buy it, and leaves you glad when you look back, even months later.”

The part of “leaves you glad when you look back” was a major factor when adding in the limit for Hextech chests, as we wanted to do what we could to avoid buyer’s remorse. We’ve all heard stories of drunk purchase regret or a kid getting ahold of their parent’s account and racking up hundreds of dollars in microtransactions in a single day.  Our goal is for players to feel good about all of their purchases, and these limits help ensure that as much as possible.

We are also concerned with fraud, as we didn’t want someone to steal your account and spend it all on chests.  I know what you’re thinking “But Rito, someone can steal my account and just buy all the skins!” – while that is true, it’s a little easier for us to interpret the intentionality of skin purchases versus the randomness of boxes when rolling back fraudulent purchases.

Since the system was implemented, we’ve been monitoring how often players hit the ceiling, and while some players do hit the max limit, it is relatively rare.  We’ll continue to reevaluate what the upper limit of chests should be, so please share any thoughts you have on this.

Revenue Strategist

What happens to a champion when he/she recalls?


To a hell of screaming silence, where black and white lose all meaning and the only direction is inward. Where the infinite possibilities of existence are compressed into a single moment of abject horror, where one can see the ultimate shape of the universe and realize the terrible truth that there IS no shape — no beginning, no end, and no meaning or texture beyond that which we apply to it. An eternal, unyielding, soul-twisting miasma of light where the memories of those you loved and those you hated intertwine until the emotions are one and the same. You are overwhelmed with a single desire: to escape. To return to the world you once knew, to flee this world of hateful simplicity and unity, to be amongst the difficult and the unpleasant and the complex once again because even the torture and terror of everyday life is preferable to the unending, heart-shattering peace of this nothingness.

In other words, the same place Pokemon go when they enter a ball.

Senior Writer, Worldbuilding

Why didn’t you name it PentaKayle?


We were leaning toward it, but then we pulled out the band’s contract to double-check the fine print…and, well…

CALL US BY OUR ****ING NAME YOU ****** ** * **** ********.

the answer was blazing at us. No really, I have third-degree burns on my fingers.

(Real talk, we considered it, but ultimately decided that a pun would better serve a goofy thematic like Toy Box [Meowkai, Pug’Maw] instead of a badass one.)

Writer, Skins

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