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Missions and Tacos

Missions, duo champs, and the best tacos in Runeterra.

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Let’s talk duo champions, missions, and Noxian tacos.


Based on what you’ve seen with Xayah and Rakan, do you think you’ll ever do another champion combo with the same types of synergies?


Although anything is possible we likely wouldn’t add another unique synergy between two champions. For one, the game would get very complicated very quickly if many champions had unique interactions that players had to keep track of, but more importantly, having these interactions are what makes Xayah & Rakan unique and we wouldn’t want to take that away from them.

Lead Producer of Champions

In your missions dev blog Riot said that “kill X things”-type missions would be bad, but the VS. event had many events that changed the way people play (picking Riven, focusing on kills, etc.). Is Riot happy with the way these played out?


VS. was the first foray into missions for Riot and we’ve looked at it as a learning opportunity that will help us refine missions in the future. Since then we’ve started using missions more, with the small Omega Squad event and the Kayn launch, missions are treading new ground and fueling better understanding. Our number one priority is to do no harm (because League doesn’t need missions to be fun). That said, we want to make the most fun missions we can. You’ll continue to occasionally see missions testing new boundaries that we’re pretty confident in, but we’ll always be ready to cut something off if it’s hurting players.

So how did we come to that conclusion? During VS., we looked at the effects of the various missions to ensure that we didn’t see significant negative effects on gameplay – longer game times, abnormal increases in kills – which would indicate that missions were causing problems. We didn’t find any indications we were changing the game in either our data or in player feedback, and we did see lots of players having fun with missions. The biggest change we saw was an increase in bot games and normal games as players sought to more easily complete their missions.

That doesn’t mean, though, that every mission we tried was a hit or a success. Looking at the VS. missions (and the Kayn missions which followed) we identified a few definite trends:


  • Missions that require you to play a particular queue you don’t normally play (the daily mission to play a game of ARAM was easily the most disliked in VS.)
  • Missions requiring you to play specific champs (Kayn) feel bad when players aren’t particularly interested in playing that champ
  • Missions that are particularly hard to complete if you play a certain role


  • Missions to win games
  • Missions to get kills and assists
  • Playing with (not necessarily as) a specific champion in your game

In general, missions that celebrate the achievements in-game that you already care about are the most successful, while in-your-face missions that require you to play a way you don’t want to are disliked.

Game Designer

Kled is a very funny champion, but one of his voice over lines causes me great concern: “After we finish murdering these folks, what do you think? Tacos? Yeah, tacos.” Since Runeterra has nothing to do with the real world, which civilization in Runeterra developed tacos?


Every civilization must reach a point in its cultural growth where it finally realizes the culinary superiority of tacos. However, Kled, being Kled, was talking about Noxian tacos — which he believes (incorrectly) to be the best.

Narrative Writer

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