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Competitive Ruling: C9T Yusui

Yusui is suspended from all Riot-affiliated League of Legends competition for a duration of four (4) competitive weeks.

Player: David “Yusui” Bloomquist
Region: North America
Date of Ruling: 6/12/15
Subject: Penalty; Violation of CS Ruleset


In March 2014, a routine sweep of botting and purchased accounts led to the permanent suspension of over a dozen accounts under Yusui’s control.  He received a direct warning by Player Support on March 21 that this was a severe violation of the Terms of Service and was not allowed.

Another routine sweep was conducted in April 2015 – while Yusui was suspended from competitive play due to the C9T Ringing ruling – which found that he had continued purchasing accounts, despite the prior warning and account suspensions.  The second investigation resulted in the permanent suspension of several dozen additional accounts under Yusui’s ownership.

As part of the normal vetting process for all Challenger Players, it was discovered that Yusui has continued purchasing botted accounts, with over a dozen new accounts purchased since April.  Per normal Player Support policy, all of his purchased accounts have been permanently banned, though the accounts he leveled himself remain unbanned.

To clarify, our investigation has not linked Yusui or any of his accounts to Elo Boosting or further inappropriate activity.


9.2.7 Player Behavior Investigation

If CS or Riot determines that a Team or Team Member has violated the Summoner’s Code, the LoL Terms of Service, or other rules of LoL, CS officials may assign penalties at their sole discretion.


Yusui has violated Section 9.2.7 of the CS ruleset and is subject to penalties.


Yusui is suspended from all Riot-affiliated League of Legends competition for a duration of four (4) competitive weeks, counting the week of the NA CS Qualifier Finals.  For the avoidance of doubt, Yusui will be eligible for NA CS Week 2 / NA LCS Week 7.


As the scope of our normal LCS and Challenger Series player vetting continues to grow, Pros and Challengers will continue held to a higher standard in all regards of their behavior.  Botting accounts is a serious detriment to the player experience, particularly at low levels.  During the leveling process, a single botted account can negatively affect hundreds or even thousands of new players.  The purchasing of these accounts directly sustains the practice of botting.  In addition, Yusui’s willingness to continue violating the Terms of Service, despite repeated warnings and an unrelated competitive suspension, informs the severity of this ruling.

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