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Your First Game

How to play your first game of League of Legends.

The win condition is simple: Work with your team to destroy the enemy Nexus before they destroy yours. League of Legends is a complex game, but this guide should be enough to get you started. If you prefer a video guide, we have that too: Welcome to League of Legends.

1. Pick a Game Mode

  • Summoner’s Rift is the only mode available until you reach Level 5.
Summoner's Rift Game Mode

2. Pick a Champion & position

  • Every player starts out with access to the same 10 champions: Ezreal, Kayn, Lee Sin, Morgana, Riven, Sona, Tristana, Veigar, Warwick, and Zed.
  • Champions fit into one of five position on Summoner’s Rift: Top Lane, Jungle, Middle Lane, Bottom Lane, or Support.
Choose a Champion - Top

3. Walk to your LANE

  • Top Lane
  • Jungle
  • Middle Lane
  • Bottom Lane (Bottom Lane and Support)
Summoner's Rift Lanes (Top/Jungle/Middle/Bottom)

4. kill minions and battle enemy champions

  • You gain passive gold over time
  • You gain gold for killing minions (scoring the last hit)
  • You gain gold for killing enemy champions
Minions battling in the Middle lane of Summoner's Rift.

5. Purchase Items from the ShopKeeper

  • Press B to return to your Base.
  • The shop has recommended Items for each champion, or you can use one of many great gameplay community guides to decide what items to purchase.

6. Level your Champion Abilities using Experience

  • You gain passive experience over time by being near champions and minions when they die.
Leveling a Champion Ability

7. Destroy Enemy Towers to advance towards the enemy Nexus

  • If you do not have friendly minions in range, or you attack an enemy Champion, turrets will attack you and do tons of damage.
Jinx destroys a Turret

8. Destroy the Enemy Nexus

  • Once you’ve destroyed enough enemy structures, you can finally attack their Nexus. Take it down to win the game!
The Nexus
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