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How to buy your 2020 LCS Spring Finals Tickets

Tickets go on sale for the 2020 LCS Spring Finals on February 21 at 10AM PST / noon CST via SeatGeek. Tickets for the rounds of Spring Playoffs at the LCS Studios will be available on February 28 at 10 AM PST via SquadUp.


  • Tickets for the 2020 LCS Spring Finals will be on sale on Friday, Feb 21 at 10AM PST / noon CST via SeatGeek.
  • Spring Finals will be on April 18 and 19 at the Ford Center in Frisco, TX
  • Tickets for the 2020 Spring Playoffs rounds at the LCS Studios will be available on February 28 at 10 AM PST via SquadUp

LCS Finals is finally heading to Texas for the first time at The Star, the World Headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys. If you’re hoping to get tickets to the 2020 LCS Spring Finals at Ford Center in Frisco on April 18 and 19, here’s what you need to know:

Tickets go on sale on Friday, Feb 21 at 10AM PST / noon CST via SeatGeek

Tickets are available in the following tiers with applicable fees:



1-Day Base Price

1- Day Price w/ Fees

2 – Day Bundle Price

















Keep in mind, you may still have additional service fees based on your transaction. Here are the SeatGeek landing pages for each day:


When will tickets to the rest of Playoffs go on sale?

Tickets for the 2020 Spring Playoffs rounds at the LCS Studios will be available on February 28 at 10 AM PST via SquadUp

How many tickets can I buy per transaction for Finals?

There is a limit of 5 tickets per order. 

What time do games begin? When do doors open?

Games begin at 1PM PT / 3PM CST. 

Doors will open at 12:30PM CST for Tier 1 and Tier 1+ purchasers and at 1:30PM CST for all other ticket holders. Pre-game coverage will begin at 2:30PM CST on Saturday and 2:00 PM CST on Sunday, and the Opening Ceremony will begin at 3PM CST on Sunday immediately before games start.

There will be pre-show activities outside before doors open to the venue. We’ll share more details and when these pre-show activities will start closer to the event on

Which teams will be playing at LCS Finals? What’s the format?

As we announced at the start of this year, we’ve updated our format for Spring Playoffs. 

The Finals weekend will begin with our Championship Qualifier (Match Z1 in the graphic above) on April 18. The winner of the Finals will be crowned the 2020 LCS Spring Champion. The winner of the 2020 LCS Spring Finals will advance to the 2020 Mid-Season Invitational. 

What will be happening outside of the games? Can I meet the pros? 

We’ll have merch, concessions, tailgates, and additional activities around LCS Finals. We’ll share more details about what we have planned for ticket holders leading into the event on

A Meet the Pros event will take place before the show inside of the arena, and will feature pros from one competing team each day as well as some non-competing pros. While access to Meet the Pros will not be limited to certain ticket holders, Tier 1 and Tier 1+ will have early access to the activation when the first round of doors open. Because of the size of this show, lines may be capped before the show begins.

What if I want to cosplay at Finals, what are the rules? 

2020 LCS Spring Finals Cosplay Rules:

  • All final decisions on costumes entering the facility shall be at the sole discretion of the Frisco Police Department, Riot, Event Security, and/or Ford Center staff.
  • Your costume must not be wider than 4 feet across, longer than 6 feet, or taller than 8 feet. Additionally, you must be able to easily maneuver your costume over stairs or ramps unassisted. You must be able to fit through the walkthrough metal detectors, which are 30” wide and 80” tall.  Any mask must be removed for the duration of the event, but can be put on for short periods of time for the purpose of taking pictures and interacting with other guests.
  • You must also be able to sit in your seat while wearing your costume without obstructing the view of those around you. 
  • You must have unobstructed vision at all times (i.e., must not need to remove a piece of your costume in order to see).
  • Armor cannot pose a threat to others by way of sharpened metal edges, spikes, or bladed surfaces. Metal and wood costumes will not be allowed per venue security.
  • All swords or bladed weapons must be blunt-edged and cannot have a sharpened edge (no metallic or predominantly wooden weapons). No weapon may be sharp or pointed enough to cut or pierce someone with moderate pressure, or heavy enough to create a threatening club. Note: Worbla and 3D prints will be permitted, pending that it follows the above weapon restrictions.
  • You may not bring firearms of any kind including air guns or cap guns, as well as any replica weapon (i.e., facsimiles or realistic versions of real-world weapons). Any firearms must clearly be of prop nature and should be made of primarily foam and/or light plastics (prop firearms may not be made of wood or hard, metal materials). Cosplayers may be asked to prove that the prop is not dischargeable.
  • Any bow-type weapons must be unstrung or strung with a low-tensile thread. All prop arrows must have non-metal, blunted tips.
  • You may not bring in any liquids, gels, air horns or other substances which could cause a mess or make loud noises. (This will be at the discretion of the Frisco Police Department, Riot, Event Security, and/or Ford Center staff).
  • You may not use smoke effects, fire, explosives, or any other environmental hazard in any capacity.
  • You may display your prop weapons only as costume pieces. Do not swing or brandish your prop in any way that could be considered unsafe or threatening. Failure to comply may result in immediate confiscation of the item with no return.
  • You may pose with a prop in a brandishing manner, so long as no reasonable person would interpret the pose as anything other than dramatic effect. Local police, event staff, or management may stop you at their sole discretion.
  • Bags, backpacks, luggage and like articles are prohibited from the Center.  There will be no bag check or storage available on site. 
  • As a final note, everyone attending the LCS Spring Finals event will need to have a ticket in order to enter the event.

If you have any additional cosplay questions, reach out to RiotSwimbananas on Twitter

I’m coming from out of town, do you have any hotel recommendations? 


Anything else I need to know to plan my visit to LCS Finals?

All approved bags are subject to inspection upon entry and are subject to additional inspections within Ford Center. Metal detection and wand screenings will be used at entry points to Ford Center. Re-entry is not permitted.

Head over to  The Star’s Guest Information page for the venue’s policies and procedures. 

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