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Mastercard Player of the Week and New LCS Partner GreenPark Sports

Mastercard and GreenPark Sports partner with the LCS.

After the excitement of last week’s LCS and Academy format announcement, we’re ready to reveal more news for the LCS community in 2020 — this time from the partnerships side.

In 2019, Mastercard became the exclusive financial services partner of the LCS, sponsoring the Opening Ceremonies at Summer Finals and debuting the “Together Start Something Priceless” video series showcasing unique stories of League of Legends players around the world. Back then we also teased a Mastercard-powered LCS Player of the Week Award (POTW) with fan prizes. Today we’re unveiling details on the show and how it’ll work once the season begins on January 25.

The POTW segment will broadcast on Monday nights after the new Monday Night League games. The player who performed best over the weekend, as judged by LCS casters and other Riot staff, will be awarded a custom commemorative statue with a 3D model of the player (produced by Doob). Fans who predict the POTW on Mastercard’s social media channel @MastercardNexus using the designated hashtag in the run-up to that week’s games will be entered into a contest to receive the same trophy as their winning pick (15 entries will be chosen each week, North American residents only). For the first time in LCS history, fans at home will be able to receive the same official awards prize as our pros. In addition, there will be opportunities for Mastercard cardholders to be entered into a sweepstakes to win the full set of 9 POTW trophies from the entire Spring Split regular season.

We’re also announcing a new partner who is working hard with us to launch an all-new digital experience for LCS fans later this year. GreenPark Sports was founded by former leaders at YouTube, Zappos, and BLITZ to create next-generation mobile games for fans of sports or esports to show off their passion, compete with each other, and win prizes. You’ll be seeing all of your favorite LCS pros and teams in our version and encounter fun challenges to prove your pro League of Legends expertise — with fun rewards, too. While this product is still under development and testing, we’re looking forward to sharing more news about the game and fan beta testing closer to the Summer Split.

We’re thrilled to welcome Mastercard back and bring GreenPark Sports into the LCS fold, but we’re just getting started. Keep an eye out for more announcements coming soon, and don’t forget to tune in to the start of Spring Split on Jan 25.


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