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Mobalytics Brings Live Player Profiles to Honda Scouting Grounds as Official Data Partner

Track Player Stats Throughout the Event and See How You Stack Up With the Comparison Feature

Mobalytics, a leader in performance analytics and player improvement in League of Legends, will be the official data partner of the 2019 Honda Scouting Grounds.

For more details about the event’s format, how the players qualified, and how the players will be drafted, be sure to check out our recent announcement.

Throughout the Honda Scouting Grounds, from Nov 11-16, Mobalytics will provide an updated leaderboard and in-depth stat profiles for all twenty of the participating players

These tools will help the best up-and-coming players of the North American region shine for their prospective teams by providing the most accurate evaluations of their unique talents and capabilities.

“We’re excited to have Mobalytics as our official data partner of the 2019 Honda Scouting Grounds,” said Derek Dennis, Product Lead of Scouting Grounds for Riot Games. “With the help of their powerful tools, we hope to not only go on a deep dive into the strengths and weaknesses of every player, but also create a fun and insightful experience for all of the fans that are following the event.”

“Over the past few years, we have worked closely with several LCS teams to help them assemble their rosters and prepare them for matches with scouting reports using our analytics,” said Dr. Amine Issa, co-founder of Mobalytics. “We’re looking forward to working with Riot Games and Honda to discover and develop the next wave of NA talent.”

Right now, you can see all player stats from their solo queue activity. On Nov 12th, after the first Honda Scouting Grounds matches, the data from the event will become available here

These stats include traditional metrics such as win rate, KDA, and CS/M, but also has more advanced measurements such as how often a player dies alone, their win rate in duels, and how much time they spend in enemy territory.

These analytics are not just for the pro players but are also available for fans. You can see these stats based on your own play and even see how you stack up against the participating players with the comparison feature.

The comparison feature not only works on the Honda Scouting Ground players, but also your friends, pro players, and anyone else as long as you know their summoner name and server.

Mobalytics will also be creating content throughout the event to give you even more ways to learn about the participating players and their performances.

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