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True Damage IRL: A Cosplay Collaboration

League of Legends Community Collaboration

Tuesday was a big day for True Damage. League’s newest skin line, and music group blew up worldwide with a series of teaser drops. 

The first question on most cosplayers’ minds was “When are people going to cosplay?” While the gameplay trailer teased the skins, it was the splash art that really showed off the Cosplay potential.  

Luckily, we already knew the answer. The NA Creator Support team at Riot were fortunate enough to collaborate with five amazing cosplayers to bring a True Damage lookbook to life. These incredibly talented creators were commissioned to not only embody the new skins, but to capture the essence of True Damage.

Cosplayers featured in this collaboration: 
Akali – Stella Chuu:
Ekko – Kadu_Out:
Qiyana – NadyaSonika: 
Senna – Mica Burton:
Yasuo – Johnny Junkers: 

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