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Worlds Tokens & Meta

What else can I get with Worlds tokens? Do you choose the meta for Worlds? Where’s exp from TFT?

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Today we’re talking about Worlds tokens, Worlds meta, and TFT. We will be taking a break from Ask Riot for one edition, as we’ve got some other stuff planned that week. See ya on Halloween!


Are there going to be more things you can get with Worlds tokens?


Yes! We’ll be adding more things you can spend your Worlds tokens on throughout the course of the event, including a Prestige skin for Qiyana.

Product Manager

Do you buff and nerf champs to try and make a specific meta for Worlds?


Yes and no… It tends to be less that we’re trying to make a specific meta and more that we’re trying to avoid certain metas.

Like any other patch, we use the champion balance framework to determine which champs to buff and nerf for Worlds, but the types of changes we make are likely to be more focused on pro play. For example, if we have high confidence that certain champions will have a 100% presence at Worlds, we are likely to try to address this via direct nerfs or by buffing counters. Akali and Aatrox have both seen recent nerfs on account of this expectation. Another thing we generally try to avoid are extremely low-lethality metas for Worlds. A recent example of this is Tahm Kench—we expected him to have a very high pick rate and somewhat low ban rate. We think that at such a high presence, he degrades the quality of the play and viewer experience. As such, we reduced his early safety in patch 9.19.

At the end of the day, we expect pro teams will gravitate toward certain (and evolving) picks over the course of a long tournament like Worlds, so the approach we take is to try to establish the parameters. In other words, we try to anticipate all of the possible Worlds metas that we might see, and if we think any of those are particularly undesirable for the players and/or viewers, we’ll buff or nerf accordingly to steer away from those metas.

Lead Summoner’s Rift Designer

Why don’t I earn experience in TFT?


We created the current leveling system with Summoner’s Rift and SR-like game modes in mind, so it’s tailored to these experiences, both in the rate you level up and the types of rewards you receive (like champions and Blue Essence). We’d like for Teamfight Tactics to interact with these kinds of progression systems, but we want it to do so in a way that feels more customized for TFT players, including the types of rewards you can earn. We’re currently working on a plan for how TFT will interact with leveling systems, and we should have more to share next year. In the meantime, we’ll continue to provide rewards through the TFT tailored passes.

Senior Game Designer

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