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Death Recap

Plus eras in Runeterra and eating jungle camps.

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Today we’re talking death recap, time in Runeterra, and which jungle camp is the tastiest.


So how about Death Recap? Will it start working as intended? I’ve been playing since S2, and it still doesn’t work correctly.


YES! We’ve been very hard at work re-scripting and re-coding the underlying damage tracking in the game as a part of the Death Recap update coming in the next patch. It’s one of our top priorities with the update to make the information 100% reliable and something you can trust. 

Our other main goal is for players to be able to answer their most pressing questions as quickly and easily as possible:

“What type of damage killed me?”

“Which champs are the most threatening?”

“Which spell do I really need to watch out for?”

Lead Gameplay Designer

Are all the champions in League alive in the same era, or are there different eras?


Runeterra’s history can definitely be divided into quite a few separate eras—the current era is loosely defined as “everything since the Rune Wars,” and even that’s a span of almost a thousand years. There are only a handful of champions who’ve lived that long, and nations like Noxus, Demacia, and Bilgewater simply didn’t exist in their current state before that.

Another question could be: “Have all champions always been active in the world?” The answer to this is almost certainly not. We know how old some champions are, and we know some have only recently been reawakened from periods of inactivity.

However, for me, the real question is, “If mortal champions were born, does that mean they will eventually die?”

And that, dear friends, remains to be seen.

Lead Narrative Editor

In your opinion, what is the tastiest jungle monster and how would it have to be prepared to reach peak levels of deliciousness?


“Ahoooooooooooo! Help! Where am I? It’s cold here. I’ve only ever known warmth.”

“What are these noises? There are so many! Such clicks and chirps. Where is the squishing, ticking thump that shook my bones?”

“Who are you? I thought I was alone all this time.”

“So did I.”

“My eyes are bleary. I’m used to the dark, but there are so many shapes and colors now.”

“I can’t see anything. There’s a gooey film in my eyes.” 

“Hold still. I’ll lick them clean.”

“That tickles! Hahaha, oh my. So this is what you look like. You are so… furry.” 

“Well so are you. Funny we’re just meeting. It feels like I’ve known you forever.”

“Are you still cold?”


“Come closer. I will curl around you to keep you warm and make the squishing, ticking thump noise in your ear so you won’t be scared.”

“I… I can’t. When I try to lift my paw, it feels so heavy.”

“How odd. My paw suddenly felt like it was going to float away. Try that again.”

“Oh my! I think… I think we are connected. I think… your paw is my paw. I think… we are one. We must be some kind of monster!”

“So it is! How strange! And yet, maybe we are not cursed. Maybe, we are lucky. For we will never have to take a step alone in this life. We will never come face to face with a fear the other won’t be there to face as well and whisper words of strength in the other’s ear when the hour looks most bleak. Where others must walk lonely paths, we will always, always, always have each other. So come lay your head near mine and maybe we shall even dream the same dream tonight. I of you, and you of me.”

Prep time takes about 20-25 minutes, depending upon how long it takes the newborn murk wolves to fall asleep. (If you do not wait for them to fall asleep, prep time could be much longer as they can be quite time consuming to battle.) Burn your fire down to coals, until embers are glowing and smoking. Swiftly decapitate and toss the soft skulls onto the fire. Cook time: 35 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste, and serve!

Murk wolf is the jungle’s most sought after culinary delicacy. After all, two heads are better than one.

Editor, R&D

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