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2019 LCS Scouting Grounds

LCS Scouting Grounds is back for 2019! There will be 2 different ways to qualify into Scouting Grounds.

UPDATE: The public tracking sheet can now be found here

LCS Scouting Grounds is back for 2019! As you may have seen we’re changing up the format a little this year, so there will be 2 different ways to qualify into Scouting Grounds. The first is through the new FACEIT Scouting Grounds Circuit. The second will be through Solo Queue and will be very similar to last year.

Scouting Grounds Selection Period Details

  • Each snapshot is taken on Tuesday at 11:59 PM PT
  • Your place on the ranked ladder earns you points based on the table below
  • Your worst snapshot will be removed from your score. This is to compensate for instances of exams, travel, or other unavoidable commitments
  • Scores will be posted in a public Google Doc that we’ll distribute closer to the end of the first snapshot
    • Scores may take up to 5 days after each segment ends
  • In order to settle ties, we will use a player’s placement within the last cycle on the solo-queue ladder
  • At the end, the top 2 players in each role will be invited to the 2019 LCS Scouting Grounds. Additional players may be contacted as backups and in case of emergencies.
  • Non-eligible players (pros, academy, secondary accounts, etc.) will be factored into point totals, but will be removed from the final ranking. Additional accounts will not be added to the main account total
  • Additional information around scoring, requirements, and the schedule is posted below


This year we adjusted the scoring slightly to accommodate for the increase in the number of Challenger positions. Also, since we’re only bringing the top 2 players in each role, we also wanted to reward those players that were able to climb to top 50 and reward those that could maintain it even further.

Each period ends at 11:59 PM PT on the Tuesday of each 2-week cycle (usually the last day of each patch). Please note that the second segment (Patch 9.13) is currently scheduled for three weeks. As such, the second segment will also last three weeks instead of the usual two weeks. As always, patch schedule is subject to change. At the end of all 8 segments, players will have the points from 7 periods summed up and compared once the 2019 selection period ends.

Champion Pool Restrictions, e.g. “The One Trick Rule”

Last year we got some feedback that only being allowed to play 30% of games in a single segment made things really tough for players that couldn’t spam a high volume of games. We agreed, so we’re adjusting it slightly so players that are squeezing in games around vacations and school don’t have to play a different champ every game.

Scouting Grounds Requirements

  • You must respond to the survey (planned to be sent in October).
  • You must be 16 years of age by January 19th, 2020
  • Have not played more than two League matches in a semi-professional or academy league in the most recent split and/or two League matches in a professional league during the past three splits
    • The definition of a professional league is considered any league that directly feeds into the World Championships.
    • The definition of semi-professional is any league that promotes or feeds into a professional league such as NA Academy or the EU Regional Leagues (including EU Masters)
  • Not be under contract by any semi-professional or professional team
  • You’re a North American resident as determined by the Interregional Movement Policy
  • Pass a behavior check, similar to LCS and Academy players, which reviews in-game behavior, Terms of Service violations, and looks at previous bans and/or suspensions

Key Dates

June 12: Start of the Scouting Grounds Selection Period

October 8: End of the Scouting Grounds Selection Period at 11:59 PM PST

Early October: Survey sent to Masters/Challenger players from an address

  • This survey verifies account details and completion is necessary for an invitation

Mid-October: Invites sent to top players and several alternatives as backup

November 10: Players arrive in LA

November 11-16: LCS Scouting Grounds

November 17: Players leave LA

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