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G2 Bring Home the Glory | Eyes on MSI Finals

At the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational Finals in Taipei, G2 Esports takes on Team Liquid for the title of best in the world. For G2’s mid laner Caps, a runner-up finish at last year’s World Championship with Fnatic left him hungry for another shot at lifting his first international trophy. After Worlds, Caps took a risk and left Fnatic to join G2, moving his former mid lane rival Perkz into the bot lane. So far that risk has paid off, as G2 find themselves in the MSI Finals with a chance to bring home Europe’s first title since 2011.

“Bring Home the Glory” (feat. Sara Skinner) by League of Legends
“MSI 2019 Act III” by Riot Games
“Eyes on MSI Theme” by Riot Games

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