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Win an Exclusive MSI Golden Chair with MSI Watch Missions

Learn more about how to win!

MSI is just around the corner, and with it, a new set of MSI watch missions.

This time around, fans have the chance to win something special by completing all the MSI watch missions: a limited edition golden MSI Chair from Secretlab (U.S. only).

Over the course of MSI, there will be 4 separate watch missions. More details around the specific missions will be released 5/2 when MSI watch missions launch.

How to Win the MSI Golden Chair

To celebrate the first global competitive event of the season, Riot and Secretlab collaborated on a special golden version of the MSI chair that the pros use onstage. Fans that complete all 4 MSI watch missions (U.S. only) will be automatically entered to win this limited edition, golden version of the official MSI chair. This is an exclusive version of the chair, that will not be for sale, and will only be awarded through watch missions.

Secretlab is the choice gaming seats for League of Legends pros at MSI and all global events. For the first time, the event branded chairs you’ll see on stage are on sale for all fans at

Link to full rules and conditions here.

As a reminder: both live games and VODs (up to 7 days after) from MSI will activate rewards when you’re logged in to or watching on the League Friends App. At this time we are not able to grant rewards for watching rebroadcasts. You must watch at least ten minutes of a game for it to count toward missions. You can also check out your mission progress and total games watched on the rewards hub.

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