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Introducing the New LCS

In 2019, we're refreshing the NA LCS brand: meet the new and improved LCS.

New year, new us. Meet the LCS.

TL;DR – There are a lot of new things about the LCS in 2019! An updated name, updated logos, a new site, a new tickets experience, new YouTube channels, new merch, and new watch missions.


NA LCS is becoming LCS starting in the 2019 Spring Split. 

We wanted to take this time to show you everything that’s new and changing.

First, let’s start with our overall identity. With an updated name comes the chance to do some updates to the entire suite of LCS logos.

The shield is what makes up the LCS logo. But now that EU is becoming LEC, we no longer have to call out “North America” in our shield. So we’ve simplified the core LCS logo and are introducing a new simplified version of the logo you’ll see used throughout the year.

We’ve also updated the logos for all the LCS products. Some major updates, some minor. Check out the new logos for Academy League, LCS Countdown, Scouting Grounds, and Finals.


You might also be thinking at this point – wait a minute. This isn’t the old I know.

Last year, we soft launched a new watch experience at that has an updated live watch platform, VODs, schedules, and standings. That gave us the chance to find a better home for the all the content we make around esports.

Now when you enter in your browser (in North America), you’ll be redirected to this new site.

This updated site will serve as a LCS content destination (The Dive, Eyes On, 10 Thoughts, etc.) and resource, while Watch will still house live LCS games, VODs, schedules, and standings.

On we also wanted to find a way to bring League of Legends content and LCS content together. You may have noticed that League of Legends soft launched a new Game Info page and Champion pages with search. We’ve brought our two systems together allowing for an episode of “This or That” that talks about Akali to show up in search on those new pages and when you search “Akali.”

So go ahead and try it. Head over to, give search a go (you’ll see it’s already pre-populated with teams as options) and see what comes up. We’ve ported a handful of things over from the old site. We thought it was important to make sure you still had access to things like old Kien articles, competitive rulings, and videos, while we focus on making stuff look great for new content moving forward. is a work in progress – so always feel free to let us know of any issues you’re having.

We’ve put together a full FAQ about here.

And as a bonus: on certain pages, you’ll see this icon in the bottom bar to toggle light/dark mode. Try it out on the FAQ page!


Coming mid-February, we’ll be launching, a dedicated destination where you can buy jerseys from all 10 teams and other LCS merch.

Important note: We know that merch is an important part of team revenue, so we’re giving teams the option to sell additional team merch on, while also having the option to sell merch on their individual stores. At minimum, you will be able to find their on-stage team jerseys at


When Lolesports was first starting in 2011, it made a lot of sense to have one dedicated YouTube channel. But now, with 13 international leagues, and more games than ever, we’re publishing… a lot of videos to our YouTube channel. All the time. Most of which are VODs. And yeah, we understand why you don’t want to subscribe to a channel that is publishing over 160 videos a week.

It’s taken us a long time to get our YouTube experience to a better place, but we’re going to fix that in 2019.

Starting this year, there will be two YouTube channels: “Lolesports” and “Lolesports VODs and Highlights”.

On the Lolesports channel, you’ll find:

  • Live English broadcasts of LCS, LEC, LPL, and LCK
  • Weekly studio shows (The Dive, This or That, EUphoria, etc.) and features (Eyes On) from LCS and LEC
  • Selected clips from live broadcasts (Jatt teaches Heimer, Sion Speedway world record, insane 1v5, etc.) and special showcase streams (Steamer Showcase, Civil War, etc.)

On the Lolesports VODs and Highlights channel, you’ll find:

  • LCS, LEC, LPL, and LCK English VODs
  • LCS and LEC Highlights

We want to make it a lot easier for you to know where to go on YouTube: if you want to find the latest content about LCS, then the Lolesports YouTube channel is the place to go. If you want to catch up on any of the games, then Lolesports VODs and Highlights has got you covered. Once you subscribe, don’t forget to turn your notifications back on!

Click Here to SUBSCRIBE to Lolesports.

Click Here to SUBSCRIBE to Lolesports VODs and Highlights.


Watch Missions are coming to the 2019 LCS Spring Split. With Watch Missions, you’ll be able to earn Icons, Emotes, XP and Blue Essence during the 2019 regular season by viewing live games or VODs on the Watch site. For more info on the missions and how to participate, check our article outlining the missions for Spring Split.

There’s going to be more stuff that we’ve been working on that we’ll be rolling out throughout the year, but we’re really excited about some of these immediate changes you’ll find coming with the start of this Spring Split.

The LCS Spring Split returns January 26th at 2PM PST.


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