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Academy League

The official page for Academy League

Welcome to the official home of Academy League. On this page, you’ll be able to find each of the team Academy streams and more info on standings, rosters, schedule, rule set, and the GCD (global contract database).


For the 2019 Summer Split, each Academy organization will be producing their own stream for Thursday matches during the regular season, as well as the two Wednesday match days on June 19 and July 17. Riot will broadcast all Friday matches, as well as the Academy Showcase match each Sunday. Below is the schedule for the current week, including links to each team’s stream. The full schedule can be found at

Thursday, July 25th – Team broadcast

Friday, July 26th – riot broadcast

Sunday, July 28th – riot broadcast


Standings are available on


For more information on LCS and Academy rosters, see each organization’s team page:

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