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A Brand New Anime Journey: Season 2019

League of Legends Community Collaboration

Fans of “Just One More” and “Doublelift: Unstoppable,” it’s time to embark on a brand new journey! Riot has just released its very first Japanese anime short: “Season 2019: A New Journey.”  This latest installment in the “It’s On” series is a new adventure in traditional hand-drawn animation.

“A New Journey” is inspired by the true story of Michelle, a university student who joined a League of Legends student club on campus with her friends. Many late night League sessions soon followed, and a steadfast premade was born.

Season 2019 is the beginning of exciting changes to League of Legends, including new turrets, new stat shards, a new ranked play system, new minions, and more.  How better to celebrate than with new animation from Japan? This stunning short was created by the animation studio PA Works and directed by Shingo Yamashita, known for his wildly ambitious action animation sequences in Naruto: Shippuden and Soul Eater.

AmaLee - Photo by Jacob Shepherd

Here’s a list of all the talented artists who contributed to “A New Journey”:

Animation P.A.Works

Shingo Yamashita
Vocals and Lyrics
Additional Mixing
and Engineering – Shawn Christmas and Freddy van Hoof
Shingo Yamashita
Character Design
Emi Tamura
Animation Director
Emi Tamura
Real World Direction
Shingo Yamashita
Game World Direction
Hiromitsu Seki
Key Animation
Kaito Moki
Hiromitsu Seki
Tomoko Tsuji
Asami Hayakawa
Weilin Zhang
진아 배
Ryu Nakayama
Vincent Chansard
Eri Irei
Toru Iwazawa
2nd Key Animation P.A.WORKS
Mizuki Furiya
Yusuke Inoue
Yoshihiro Kasahara
Kotomi Shimasaki
Asami Segawa
Kazuko Amino
Haruka Yamagata
Sayo Mizuno
Yousuke Hukumoto
Hiroki Adachi
Atsuya Iinuma
Miku Tanaka
Kyomi Matumiya
Haruna Shinonome
Eri Yonemoto
Yoshimasa Yamazaki
Color Design
Sayo Motegi
Paint Assistance
Katsue Inoue
Art Director
Toshie Honda
Shingo Yamashita
Shingo Yamashita
Hiromitsu Seki
Sound Production
Magic Capsule
Sound Production Manager
Rie Tanaka
Production Assistance
Kento Tomita
Yoshihiro Watanabe
Mitsuhito Tsuji

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