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2019 Season Start Dates

See when the games begin for every league.

The 2019 competitive League of Legends season is coming up soon. See below for when the games begin for every league. You can watch every game over at

  • Brazil (CBLOL): January 12
  • China (LPL): January 14
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau (LMS): January 14
  • Korea (LCK): January 16
  • Vietnam (VCS): January 17
  • Europe (LEC): January 18
  • Oceania (OPL): January 18
  • Japan (LJL): January 19
  • Latin America (LLA): January 19
  • Turkey (TCL): January 19
  • North America (LCS): January 26
  • Commonwealth of Independent States (LCL): February 16
  • Southeast Asia (GPL): TBD
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