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Women Shake up the All-Star Event!

Four interviews with women at the All-Star Event

Between cosplays, K/DA, and NA making the Semifinals, the line between reality and esports has never been blurrier. Who is a pro and who is Xayah? Was my trip to Johnny Rocket’s last night actually esports? Who can really say? But because this ASE is the first time we’ve really ever brought together all the stars who make League of Legends special, I thought it would be nice to meet a few of the faces that might initially bring League of Legends fans towards a viewing experience. Here are a few interviews with some of the women who are here in Las Vegas!

Shelby Laine / Twitter / NA
Can you introduce yourself?
I’m luxxbunny! I’m a North American streamer. I main Miss Fortune even though my name is luxxbunny, so you might think I main Lux but I had the name before I even started playing League. But yeah, I main MF and ADC. I’ve been playing League of Legends since about Season 5, maybe the end of Season 4 — so a couple years!
What motivated you to start streaming?
I used to play Dark Souls PVP pretty competitively — there’s a small scene for that. I also used to play Final Fantasy 14 and did competitive raiding in that game as well, so I ended up streaming from people asking me to stream the raids and to show what we were doing in the raids, and now I stream every day.
What was your class?
I played White Mage mostly — I usually play healers or mage DPS in MMOs, so I played white mage. I was at one time one of the best white mages in the game. I don’t play too much anymore, but I still really like that game.
My understanding is FF14 has a very friendly community — how was shifting over to League which can be a little more volatile?
Yeah, I think in general MMOs have a little bit more of a friendly community just because there’s not quite as much competitiveness since a lot of it’s focused on raiding and teamwork. There’s some PVP competitive modes that can get a little heated, but yeah, it’s been a big change from Final Fantasy and League.
I’ve kind of come to appreciate the difference between them because it has kind of shaped me to be more confident and be more reassured about what I’m doing because I don’t really listen to the toxicity — I try to block it out or, you know, become one with the toxicity! Either one!
What’s your favorite thing so far at All-Stars?
Actually, it’s just interacting with all the people here and seeing the support from fans. I’ve seen so much support not only for myself but for everybody else here that’s performing. It’s just been amazing to see the social media — the Twitter, the Twitch support, all that support combined. It just makes me so happy to see all that.
Has it scratched your competitive itch at all being around these pro players?
[Laughs] Yeah, it has a little bit! I am Diamond, but I’m not at the Challenger or Pro level — it definitely drives me to see players who are much better than myself. You know, it makes me want to improve. It makes me want to get in there and grind League and actually try to get closer to the level they’re at because I see how hard they work. I see the success that comes from that hard work, and it makes me want to do the same.
Lê Thy Ngọc / Facebook / VN
Stream / Youtube
Can you introduce yourself?
Hello everyone! My name is Misthy and I’m a streamer in Vietnam, and I have been playing League of Legends for like… three years! I used to play mid lane, but my teammates told me I feed too much [laughs], so I’m starting bot lane — ADC. It’s kind of fun, but I still like mid lane [more].
When you found out you were invited to ASE, what was your response?
The first time I heard that I can go to All-Star, I was like… “What the heck??” Because this is the very first time for me to come to America and the very first time I’m joining a big event like this. It’s really big and I was like, “Why me!? Whyyyy?” I’m so scared, but here I am and I really enjoy it.
What’s been your favorite thing about All-Star so far?
I think it’s watching the pro players from around the world — [just] walking or eating. I was surprised like, “Wow! They are here and I can see them!” and be close to them and take photos with them.
Who was the person you wanted to meet the most?
Of course Faker! [laughs] I met him but I haven’t had a chance to take a photo with him.
Maybe later!
I hope so!
Has anything about this event been surprising for you?
The thing that has most impressed me is it’s really professional. All of the lights and the TVs — it’s like, “Oh my god!” It’s so shiny. I really like it.
Vietnam is one of the fastest growing regions — do you think Vietnam can win Worlds eventually? 
I still hope Vietnam can win of course, but yesterday my friend Artifact had a 1v1 with Faker and he lost, so… I still hope we can win.
Did you make fun of Artifact when he lost to Faker?
Yeah — of course! [laughs] I was like, “Oh… poor kid!”
Does being around all these players motivate you?
Yeah, yeah — I hope that one day I can reach Challenger and then maybe a pro player [laughs].
Rikki An Quiapon / Twitter / SEA
Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Rikki An Quiapon but people know me as Riku. I’m a shoutcaster, streamer, content creator, and voice talent. I main support and my peak is Diamond 3, but I’ve been fooling around with builds and stuff in custom games with viewers to spend more time with them recently.
Can you tell me what was going on in your head when you found out you were invited to the ASE?
It was insane… it was one of those things where I had to pinch myself to make sure that it wasn’t a dream. So when I found out about it, it’s like… automatic to say yes to this. It’s a dream come true. Knowing there were so many invited teams and pro players was the only thing in my head. I could not wait to meet them!
Who did you want to meet the most?
Ah, there’s a lot! Of course Faker was definitely on the list. I mean, Uzi was the 1v1 champion before. A lot of the NA players — there’s Doublelift. There’s Sneaky. EU there’s Caps of course. Also the content creators from other regions as well.
I know we’re not done yet, but when someone asks you how it went, what’s the first thing you’ll tell them?
It’s so difficult… being able to play for a charity on stage — I battled Maple and NL so it’s insane! I know their power levels are too strong for me but at the same time it really helped me improve on what I should work on in my games.
Can you tell me an example?
I guess I was too afraid! My champion Karma should have been played more aggressively there but I just felt like I was too respectful and too afraid — I could have timed and aimed better on my R-Q combo. That’s one of the things I noticed.
What are you looking forward to that you haven’t had a chance to do yet?
I wanted to do interviews with other content creators — especially the streamers. There’s so many aspiring streamers in the Philippines and I’m sure they would like an encouraging message from their idols at All-Star. I haven’t had a chance to do that yet so hopefully I have the time and they have the time to do so.
What would YOU say to aspiring steamers?
For me, it’s all about finding what’s unique to yourself and finding what you want. It’s so hard when you’re throwing yourself everywhere. But when you find what you want and start having fun in your stream — when people visit and see your energy, they’ll want that energy every day or every time you stream. So I feel like it’s all about sharing that happiness with other people.
So if someone were strolling through all the streams — what makes your stream unique?
I like to do a bunch of random things like even though it doesn’t make sense — for example Orianna ADC and LeBlanc ADC just to have fun! I also do requests from viewers if they want me to do something even if I’m not comfy with it. I’m like, “Sure! It might be fun!” So I think that’s one of those things they could look forward to in my stream. I’m also a voice talent so they could request for me to copy a certain champion from the game. I like doing that as well. My favorite champion to voice is Lulu! “Transmogulate! Hey you, let’s dance!”
Javiera Orellana / Twitter / LAS
Can you first introduce yourself?
My name is Capri. I currently main Zyra — I’ve played a lot of champions but I started feeling like Zyra really fits me. I started streaming as an activity to share with my friends, but after a while it became really successful and now I feel like I’m part of the leading streamers in Latin America.
Why do you think your stream became popular?
I’m not popular because of my mechanics, but I am very relatable and very open. I receive advice from my chat and apply it. I don’t tilt too much or get angry too much, and I am very open to having a real conversation with my viewers. What I believe is any player can identify really easily with me and have a chill time in the stream!
When you found out you were invited to the ASE, can you tell me what was going on in your head? 
I was at work when I was received the news — I’m a hostess on a TV show in Chile. When I received the news, I didn’t immediately understand the full extent of the event, so I was like, “Okay!” when receiving instructions, but after a while, I collected myself and started to realize the importance of this. I was like, “Okay, am I really going to Vegas? Is this real?” And then I started screaming really excitedly — I still don’t believe it’s real while standing here now. It’s a really unbelievable experience.
What’s been the most unbelievable experience so far?
I think the two most unbelievable experiences are… first, the scale of everything in Vegas, and then most importantly the fact that I became accustomed to seeing Faker and the other pro players passing around me and living their daily routine. At the beginning, I was completely blown away just by seeing him, but now it feels like it’s became a routine in the last few days. I never thought I could get accustomed to being next to Faker and Uzi and the other pro players. That’s been unbelievable.
You mentioned not being known for your mechanical skill, but does being around all these pro players motivate you to improve?
I got really motivated! I feel like losing in the 2v2 match on Zyra — my main — motivated me to really improve. Actually, right before this interview, I was Solo Queueing on stream because I wanted to improve my elo next year!
Make sure to check out their streams! League of Legends esports wouldn’t be where it is today without the early streamers who helped adjust viewing expectations, and these four are part of the wave that will bring in the next generation. And make sure to tune in at 4:00 pm PT today to watch the conclusion of the 2018 All-Star Event!
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