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K/DA Evelynn and Poros

How many poros fit in the Howling Abyss? Plus two-factor authentication, streaming, and K/DA Eve.

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This week, it’s K/DA Evelynn, two-factor authentication, the League Partner Program, and how many poros it’d take to cover the Howling Abyss.


Why is K/DA Evelynn literally a titan in the video?


For portraying Eve in the POP/STARS music video, our main goal was to make her feel just as imposing as she was glamorous while tapping into the core fantasy of what players know about that champion.

The giant scenes were a way for us to communicate her dominating presence in a stylized manner; when you face against her in-game, it can feel suffocating going into the jungle alone because she exerts that much presence on the map. We wanted to place the enormity of what that threat feels like, at scale, in front of the viewer—-as well as playing on the idea of showing a glimpse of Eve’s true from as an insatiable demon who thrives off of the fame, love, and attention from everyone who dares set eyes on her.

Creative Lead

Hello riot, I was wondering if you have any updates for two-step verification?


We actually do! We know this is something players have been asking about for a while, and we’re happy to announce that the wait is almost over. Starting this year, you’re going to be getting verification requests when you try to log in to your League of Legends account on the website to make changes to your account, or when you perform other tasks that may require a higher level of security.  We’ve already been requiring two step verification for the past few months to log into the account management portal. For those who haven’t experienced it yet, it’ll be pretty simple in practice:

  1. When you try to log in on a new device for the first time, a code will automatically be sent to the email address linked with your League of Legends account.
  2. That code will get you logged in, that device will be added to a list of “trusted devices.” AKA, you won’t need to do it again next time.
  3. That’s it. Those are the two steps. We just put a third bullet here because those two looked lonely all by themselves.  

Verification codes will be sent straight to your email address, and next year we’re going to be looking into whether or not it makes sense to develop a mobile app-based solution for two-factor authentication.

Player Support Accounts Specialist

If I become a streamer or YouTuber, will you support me even if my Elo sucks?


Heck yeah. Recently we started up the League Partner Program to support awesome content creators, and we really don’t care whether you’re a Challenger God or an Iron 4 animal.

There are a few requirements to become a partner. You’ll need to make sure that:

  • Your League account is in good standing and has a verified email address
  • At least 30% of your content is League of Legends related
  • You’ve gotten 50+ average concurrent viewers on your livestreams in the past 30 days and/or 5,000+ average views on your video content in the past 30 days + 1,000 YouTube subscribers

As you can see, skill at the game isn’t one of the requirements. As a Silver 1 Garen Jungle main myself, I always try to be considerate my fellow low-elo compatriots.

Learn more and apply to join the League Partner Program here.

Communications Lead, League of Legends

How many poros long is the howling abyss? If one were to line up the poros one by one, how many you would need to go from one side of the howling abyss to the other?


Let’s define one standard poro as an SPU (Standard Poro Unit). The Howling Abyss map from fountain to fountain is approximately 384 SPUs long, and 37 SPUs wide. This means you can fit over 14,000 standard poros in the Howling Abyss map!

But as you are likely aware, poros come in many sizes. If you feed a poro a Poro Snak, they grow! A fully fed poro, right before the moment of Porosplosion, gets as big as 2.35 SPUs, which means the Howling Abyss map is about 163 FPUs (Fed Poro Unit) long, and 16 FPUs wide. This means you can only fit around 2,600 fed poros in the map!

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