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Nexus Blitz and Teleport

How to play Yasuo, our thoughts on TP, and an update on Nexus Blitz.

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This week, we’re talking Nexus Blitz, Teleport, and Yasuo.


Will nexus blitz be a permanent game mode like aram or summoner’s rift? because i like playing it so far.


We hope so—we like playing Nexus Blitz too! We’ve seen a lot of positive response so far, and gathered a ton of valuable feedback (and we’ve been iterating on the map, balance, items, and several events as a result). We still need time to soak in more feedback before we can figure out next steps for NB, though.

Nexus Blitz is the first “experimental mode” that we’ve put out there—an alpha gameplay prototype that provides a very different experience from what players already have. We are trying to answer a ton of questions while it’s live: Is the overall experience fun? How do people feel about this event, or that reward? Did we hit needs that aren’t as well served in the rest of League? And, ultimately, is this a novel experience, or something that people want to play long term?

By the end of the test run on live, we should have have a better picture of what worked and what didn’t, and whether NB should come back as a second test run, a full launch, or as an RGM (temporary mode that comes back time-to-time).

Product Owner

Have you thought about removing teleport as a summoner spell? It’s been nerfed so many times and it still is always used in pro play, even though it’s not that good in solo queue anymore.


We’ve given some consideration to what a world without TP as a Summoner would look like, but it’s probably unwise to remove the Teleport effect from the game entirely because it opens up a lot of strategic options and is also just fun to use and play around. As such, we’d want to make sure the effect had a proper home. Maybe that’s an item, or an effect that spawns in base, or an attachment to the Rune system (not sure how that would work), but something along those lines.

Having it as a Summoner in its current form creates some pretty low-action game states when it’s a go-to choice for many. Displacing TP to another area of the game may mean we could potentially have a lot of its upsides with fewer of the earlier game downsides.

Lead Summoner’s Rift Designer

How do you play yasuo?


To play Yasuo, you have to accept that Yasuo is more than a champion. Yasuo is a lifestyle. You buy keycaps that replace “QWER” with Yasuo’s ability symbols. You grow out your hair so you can rock a shitty man-bun/ponytail that sticks up in the back, and you carefully slide a few strands of your bangs out to hang loosely over you face like a windswept ronin. Your coworkers become concerned when you change all of your “one-on-one” meetings to “1v1” meetings. You spend more time in Yassuo’s stream than you do with your loved ones. Samurai Champloo and Inuyasha occupy your 2nd monitor, and you recreate scenes from Sword of the Stranger with your mom’s umbrella when the servers are down.

Disappointment in your teammate’s skills transcends to disappointment in your friends and family. Your best friend gets hit on by a cute guy or girl? You can’t relate because nothing hits you, not with your impeccable windwall timings. Coming back from college in the summer and your grandma says she misses you? You don’t miss anyone or anything, especially not your Q3 ‘nados. Your younger sibling spills a drink and makes a mess? Pathetic, hours of beyblade/airblade/keyblade reps in practice tool have resulted in mechanical perfection, both inside the game and out.

Sorry I blacked out there for a second. Oh how to play Yasuo. Right. There is no answer to this question. You shouldn’t even ask the question. You just do. You forego any shame, any sense of embarrassment, self-reflection, self-awareness, or empathy. Humans are a social species, yet deep within us is a desire for the asocial. We fantasize about “beyond civilization”—the end of the world, the zombie apocalypse, the empty road with nothing but a blade for company. In a society that demands our socialization, demands that we spend our time posting pictures, liking, retweeting, sharing, and subscribing, all to connect the webs of humanity… Yasuo’s blade is the lone edge to cut those webs. So at the end of a long day of dealing with friends, family, coworkers, snapstagram, and instachat, don’t ask, “How do you play Yasuo?”

Because deep down, we all have a bit of Yasuo inside us. You just have to embrace it and lock him in.

Oh and these guides can help too:

10 Tips for Yasuo

Yasuo Combo Guide


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