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MSI 2018 Fandom Battle Update

See which region won the 2018 MSI Fandom Battle!

The MSI 2018 Fandom Battle is well underway, so if you haven’t already, be sure to equip your region’s summoner icon and jump in game to get in on the action!  Check back in on this page throughout the tournament to see leaderboard updates and keep track of which region comes out on top.

For more details and a rundown of the rest of the in-game action, check out the full MSI Hits the Rift article.

Final Leaderboard

Note: Points on the leaderboard are calculated using a number of variables including number of players who have equipped the icon, number of games those players have played, and total number of players in each region. TL;DR region size does not affect chances of winning, and every region has fair shot!

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