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LoL Esports Comes to ESPN+ this Summer

League of Legends esports content is coming to ESPN+! 

Today we are pleased to announce that League of Legends esports content is coming to ESPN+! 

Starting June 16th, the streaming service will begin broadcasting the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split and major international competitions such as Rift Rivals, Worlds 2018, & All-Stars. Subscribers of ESPN+ will be able to watch League of Legends esports content alongside thousands of additional live sporting events from organizations like MLB, NHL, & MLS. This partnership will provide an additional platform where fans can enjoy LoL Esports content without having to move away from their favorite sports. Broadcasts will continue to be available on Twitch, YouTube and

ESPN+ is a subscription service for sports content that was launched earlier this year from The Walt Disney Company’s Direct-to-Consumer and International division in conjunction with ESPN. This agreement is the evolution Riot Games’ 2016 partnership announcement with BAMTECH. After Disney acquired a majority ownership of BAMTECH last year, it gave them the opportunity to bring LoL esports to broader audiences alongside ESPN’s world-class sports programming. Additional information about ESPN+ can be found here.

At Riot Games we’re committed to building a sport and ecosystem that provides lifetime of value for the fans that follow it and the players and teams that participate in it. This partnership is just another step towards turning League of Legends into a multi-generational sport that will last for decades to come.

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