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Honor Rewards

Rewards for reaching honor checkpoints, Gnar’s spoken language, and Volibear.

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This week, it’s honor rewards, Gnar, and Volibear.

As a general announcement: Ask Riot will now run every other week rather than every week, starting with the next edition (meaning the next Ask Riot will be in two weeks). Over the last two years, we’ve answered a lot of questions, and the number of hot-topic inquiries (hey, where’s URF? Will Riot make a movie? Where’s Graves’ cigar?) has slowly declined. There’s still plenty talk about—spicy new topics pop up all the time—but by running Ask Riot biweekly, we hope to focus more on the questions players care about the most.

Also, please continue to submit your questions as always! We’ll do our best to answer them.


Why didn’t I get the rewards for the earlier honor checkpoints when I was level 5 last season? Do less honorable players get more out of the system than me?


It’s not super intuitive, but the Honor reset is better for Season 7’s honorable players. Rewards now scale with Honor level, meaning the higher level you reach, the better rewards you’ll earn. Orbs continue dropping after level 5, so starting at a higher checkpoint this year means you’ll earn better rewards faster than players below you. It’s true you don’t get rewards from the checkpoints you skip, but that difference is more than made up for because of the reward scaling that’s new to Honor this season.

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How do you guys feel about Volibear?


Volibear has a kit that causes him to be pretty one-dimensional and see wildly variant success between high-skill and low-skill play—he can be performing reasonably well at lower skill levels while underperforming pretty dramatically at higher ones. Because of these factors, he can take time to do good work on, even in the short-term. Doing “good work” on Volibear entails trying to design more skilled play into his pattern, and so we don’t necessarily just see buffing him as a good change.

That said, he could use some love, which is why we’re looking at giving him some buffs in the near future even though it’s not a permanent solution.

Lead Live Gameplay Designer

What language does Gnar speak?


Gnar is certainly speaking some form of ancient, long-forgotten language… but his vocabulary seems a little limited. Either he’s experiencing a spectacular case of brain-freeze, or he never fully got the hang of it in the first place.

(I tried to ask him, but he shouted something about “vrooboo” and threw a boomerang at me.)

Yordles are known to learn by imitating the world around them, so it could depend on who he spent time with before he got stuck in the ice. I’m not sure we’ll ever know for certain.

Lead Narrative Editor

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