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Battlecast Illaoi: Preproduction

An update on the upcoming updates.

Hello everyone,

I’m here to answer an important question: Where’s the Illaoi skin update?

No worries! We haven’t forgotten about her. We’ve just started to focus on Battlecast Illaoi—production began this week. So now we’re aiming to give you all the first (real) update on December 26th, with an article every two weeks until the skin is ready for launch. It’s a bit tricky since each update needs about a week for design and localization, so technically we need at least two weeks of dev time before a post is ready.

We’ve brainstormed a lot of ways to show you the development, but since we’re just starting we’d love to hear if there’s any part of the process you REALLY want to see (no guarantees, but we’ll definitely try).

Until we can get a full update out, here’s a little sneak peek of some splash art explorations.

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