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One for All

League comics, purchasing emotes with IP, and the future of One for All.

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This week, it’s One for All, League comics, and emotes.


Is One for All ever coming back?


We want One For All to come back. We like One For All. Unfortunately, the custom voting mechanism in champ select that let’s you vote on the champs—and effectively facilitates the whole mode—needs to be re-built by hand to work in the new client. We haven’t been able to get to this yet, due to the other things we’ve been working on (Star Guardian Invasion, yay!).

And honestly, it sucks. : ( I want to play One For All with the new champs (Xayah FEATHER STORM!!). Hexakill is in the same boat (we need to rework multiple UI’s to squeeze in the 6th player). We want both of these modes back, but don’t have a satisfying answer for when they’ll be back yet. I’m pretty confident they won’t appear by the end of 2017, so I’m hoping we can get to them next year! <3

Lead Designer, Rotating Game Modes

Do the comics being published lately influence the biographies of champions or are they separate stories? Are you planning on updating the biographies to include them?


There are some cases where you will see events from the comics reflected in future bio updates, and there were some cases (like Nami) where the bio update helped inspire the comic. Our goal for comics in general is that even if they are not directly reflected in the champion bios, they won’t contradict each other, particularly as we move toward longer stories that move characters forward.

Senior Editor, Comics Team

Will you do an event where you can buy emotes with IP or blue essence?


Two new emotes will be available in the upcoming, limited-time Blue Essence Sale as part of the launch of Runes Reforged and the new leveling system. These exclusive emotes will only be available through the Blue Essence Sale.

We’re also aiming to provide players with multiple paths to unlocking emotes in the future. The primary way to unlock them will still be with RP, but later on, you’ll also see emotes dropping via loot and made available through completing missions.

eCommerce Manager, Personalization

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