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Let’s keep this one short and sweet.

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This week’s Ask Riot is short and sweet with Runes, two-factor, and servers.


Do you have a date for the new Runes system launch?


There’s still some stuff to figure out here, but we’re targeting November 2017. So sometime after the end of the ranked season and Worlds.

Game Design Director

Will you ever implement two-step verification for League accounts?


We are currently implementing a series of account protection feature updates to the player accounts system which will be rolling out over the next year. One of these planned features is a two-step verification for logins. So while we don’t have a hard date to offer, we did want to confirm that this is in the works.

Senior Director, Player Platform Team

What is the size of the servers that allow us all to play?


About the size of a pizza box. Really! It’s a common server industry term to call a server a pizza box. Despite popular belief, we don’t have a single server powered by a hamster driven by a diet of Surge. Instead, we have a fleet of servers globally that provide resources for everything from how you interact with queuing into the game to the game itself.  

While I can’t give specific numbers of how many games are run in a single server, I will say that each server hosts simultaneous games for many players. Any given server is capable of hosting games in the triple-digits. And any given data center can host hundreds of servers depending on the region. What you end up with are racks and racks of servers all dedicated to people playing League of Legends all over the world.

Infrastructure Tech Lead

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