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Nexus Update: June Edition

What's next for Nexus?

There’s no Ask Riot this week, so let’s talk a bit about Nexus itself (if you don’t care about Nexus, here’s something else to do). We’ve learned a lot over the last eight months, and hopefully you’ve seen the results in a more frequent cadence, deeper stories, and new ways to experience Nexus content (like videos, columns, etc.). There’s more to come, so stay tuned!

In the meantime:

Broad Status Stuff

All Nexus features are live, and with the full integration of Ask Riot and Champion Insights, Nexus has officially left beta. We’ve made an effort to listen to your suggestions for small improvements here and there, which we think has resulted in a much better Nexus than what we originally imagined.

Player suggestions have led to:

  • RSS feeds
  • Full search capability
  • Ask Riot archive
  • Light/dark theme selector
  • Any-region commenting
  • Progress bar
  • In-post Ask Riot question submit
  • Other stuff I’m probably forgetting

We aren’t expecting any new major features to ship over the next few months, though we may invest in some small quality-of-life upgrades if we spot good opportunities. If you have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments.


We’ve published a LOT of stuff since launching last October. Here are some highlights:

What’s Next

In our last Nexus update, we talked a little bit about the localization process. If you’re not up to date: Nexus is currently English-only. The content itself goes through the same localization pipeline as anything else at Riot, but the indexed, categorized, searchable Nexus experience is only available to English-speaking players. Launching as English-only was part of the plan, but we’ve never intended for Nexus to stay monolinguistical.

As of late April/early May, we’ve invested all of Nexus’s design resources into getting the full experience up and running in all Riot regions. There are some behind-the-scenes quirks that make this more complicated than simply translating the site (for example, making sure we don’t break any existing localization best practices or accidentally add a bunch of extra work for content teams), but overall progress is moving pretty smoothly.

We’re hoping to have localized versions of Nexus launched and running globally by the end of summer. This, of course, could slip—but hopefully not by more than a few weeks. We should have a clearer picture of this next month and will update you accordingly.

The End

That’s it! Ask Riot will return as scheduled next Thursday (for those of you waiting for the Marc and Brandon Ask Riot, it’ll be a few weeks). And as I said last time around, if there’s any type of content you’d like to see on Nexus, please let us know.

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